For the Record — Sept. 25

Today’s high school sports schedule

Boys Soccer

Falconer at Dunkirk

Chaut. Lake at Westfield

Fredonia at Maple Grove

N. Collins at Silver Creek

Frewsburg at Pine Valley

Girls Tennis

Chaut. Lake at Maple Grove

Fredonia at Dunkirk

Girls Volleyball

Clymer at Chaut. Lake

Cattaraugus-Little Valley at Forestville

High school cross country

2017 CCAA Cross Country Standings

Boys Standings:

≤ Fredonia 6-0

≤ Falconer 5-0

≤ M.G. 5-0

≤ S/C/P 5-1

≤ Frewsburg 5-1

≤ SW 3-2

≤ Dunkirk 3-2

≤ Gowanda 3-3

≤ A-L 3-3

≤ Silver Creek 2-4

≤ Jamestown 1-4

≤ Olean 1-4

≤ Randolph 0-6

≤ Catt./LV 0-6

≤ Franklinville 0-6

Girls Standings:

≤ Fredonia 6-0

≤ M. G. 5-0

≤ S/C/P 5-1

≤ Silver Creek 5-1

≤ A-L 4-2

≤ Jamestown 3-2

≤ Falconer 3-2

≤ Catt./LV 3- 3

≤ Franklinville 2-2

≤ Olean 1-2

≤ Gowanda 1-5

≤ Frewsburg 0-3

≤ Dunkirk 0-5

≤ Randolph 0-5

≤ SW 0-5

Individual boys top 5 rankings:

≤ Michael Peppy, M.G., 844 points

≤ Diego Rey, Fredonia, 831

≤ Josh Johnson, Fredonia, 825

≤ Eddie Scroxton, Southwestern, 824

≤ Peter Auer, M.G., 818

Individual girls top 5 rankings:

≤ Abby Gostomski, Catt./LV, 653 points

≤ Bailey Gostomski, Catt./LV, 650

≤ Kylee Odell, C/S/P, 648

≤ Emily Brown, Fredonia, 606

≤ Ava Crist, M.G., 603

Adult bowling

Lucky Lanes

Lou Nocek B-II — (Sept. 18) High team single: Ellman’s 1,068. High team series: Frost Transportation. Individuals: Scott Jagoda 259-227-259-745, Gene Jankowski 204-278-204-686, Brandon Haase 224-243-657, Spencer Johnson 217-217-217-651, Tom Jagoda 216-248-656, Allen Nagel 233-214-643, Dean Wright 225-241-639, Matt Eaker 216-231-635, Dave Meadows 206-215-614, Mark Nickerson 206-204-200-610, Paul Nocek 206-201-602, Jim Ellman, Jr. 213-601, Erick Griewisch 225, Greg Haase 202-214, Tom Battaglia 207-212, Roger Pacos 207, Jerry Jesionowski 202, Ben Montague 202, Chris Tofil 201.

Wednesday 4-man — (Sept. 20) High team game Ellman’s Garage 874. High team series Coughlan’s Pub 2,558. Individuals: Kevin Kaszuba 266-245-683, Tom Battaglia 212-222-238-672, Tom Jagoda 235-225-205-665, Chad Cerrie 201-232-231-664, Scott Kawski 242-216-202-660, Jim Ellman, Jr. 227-205-228-660, Mark Wisniewski 235-235-658, Collin Schanzlin 202-203-223-625, Nathan Wojtkowiak 258-218-621, Tricia Laurito 218-206-614, Gene Jankowski 245-606, Keith Glowniak 235, Ricky Burgstrom 233, Roger Pacos 232, Paul Nocek 216, Kevin Rose 211, Jerry Jesionowski 205, Dale Lombardo 204, Shane Riethmiller 202, Ricky Laurito 201, Steve Krystofiak 200.

Adult golf

Chautauqua Golf Club’s Lake Course

Wednesday Travel League — The league held its Third Annual “Commissioner’s Cup” at Chautauqua Golf Club’s Lake Course. The event honors and celebrates the memory of our great friend and fellow golfer, Commissioner Bruce “Java” Chrabasz. A single-event record 60 golfers (a true testament to Java’s influence) participated, breaking the old record of 52, established in the 1st Commissioner’s Cup. Golfers wore orange, brown and white, the colors of Java’s favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. Following golf, an awards dinner was held at the Dunkirk Falcons Club. Jack Schrantz was the overall winner, taking home the Commissioner’s Cup, and was also the winner of the Bruce “Java” Chrabasz Commissioner’s Award.

Flight winners were: A) Dan Cassidy; B)Mike Wolfe, on a tiebreaker over Dave Criscione; C)Don Kujawa, on a 7-way tiebreaker over John Bongiovanni, Jason Habich, Bob Manning, Gary Haase, Jack Griswold, and Dave Franklin; D Flight-Joe Tramuta. By shooting the low round of 81, Cassidy earned his first career tour victory.

Rounding out the top-5 were Al Etzel (82), Robert Calph (83), and Dave Mathews and Joe Bifaro (84 each). Cassidy, Bifaro, and Mathews each shot the low front nine score of 39, while Etzel shot the low back nine score of 39.

Untied birdies were recorded by: A Flight-Calph (No.2), Dave Wallace (No.4), Joe Michalski (No.6), Etzel (No.8), Butch Mackowiak (No.12), Tim Walawender (Nos.13&16), Mick Dunning (No.15), and Cassidy (No.18); B Flight-Bill Aldrich (No.2), Kevin Voss (No.7), Jeff Kubera (No.8), and Tony Destro (Nos.13&15); C Flight-Bongiovanni (Nos.3&5), Don Matyas (No.7), Kujawa (No.14), and Griswold (No.16); D Flight-Jim Hofer (No.4), Rich Hofer (No.5), and Lenny Leszkowicz (No.12).

Closest to the pin were Wallace (No.4), Michalski (No.6), Etzel (No.8), Voss (No.12), and Destro (No.15).

Winners of the Par-3 Contest were: A) Mackowiak, +1, B) Doug Grace, +2, C) Franklin,+3, D) Leszkowicz, +2.

In the special Cleveland Browns Ball contest, the winning team of Paul Olkowski, Pete Gawron, Bifaro, and Griswold shot the low round of 88. The last place team of Habich, Matyas, Marv Huitfeldt, and Steve Zatorski Sr. lost their ball in the very first hole.

Top point winners were Tony Destro (113-the league’s high point total this season), Etzel, Wallace, and Michalski (90 each), Jeff Kubera (83), and Mackowiak (75).

Season points leaders: 1) Wolfe (460), 2) Calph (416), 3) Ed Tofil (347), 4) Danny Kubera (342), 5) Etzel (307), 6) Mathews (270), 7) Michalski (254), 8) Franklin (250), 9) Ken Kaus and Walawender (235 each). This Wednesday, Sept. 27, the league plays Terry Hills in Batavia. The first tee-time is at 9:30. To inquire about openings, call or text John @ 785-2291.

The Wednesday Travel League wishes to express their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped make this tournament so successful and meaningful: The Dunkirk Falcons Club, Manning Catering, The Dunkirk Exempts Club, The Dunkirk Monnies Club, Dean Ringler, Chris Tofil, Butch Mackowiak, Angelo Leone (Hillview Golf Course), Pat and Cindy Weaver, Gary Haase, and everyone who did so much behind the scenes. The league would also like to thank Troy Moss, Head Professional, and Trevor Burlingame, Course Superintendent, and their entire staff at Chautauqua Golf Club for a well-organized event and fantastic course conditions. If we have forgotten to mention anyone, please accept our sincere apologies.