For The Record

Adult Bowling

Lucky Lanes

Wednesday Four Man — Team high game: Coughlan’s Pub 936. Team high series: Coughlan’s Pub 2,580.

Individual high scores: Tom Battaglia 279-269-730, Scott Kawski 212-268-234-714, Brandon Haase 234-247-225-706, Kevin Rose 204-225-236-665, Gary Haase 256-224-651, Tom Jagoda 207-256-637, Mike Lucas 245-213-637, Steve Krystofiak 232-246-636, Tricia Kent 245-206-634, Todd Ellman 214-219-620, Greg Wisniewski 222-217-618, Kevin Kaszuba 227-200-609, Howie Burgess 217-607, Casey Surma 220-230-603, Bradley Dillenbury 209-213-603, Keith Glowniak 243, Roger Pacos 228-212, Zach Fitzer 224, Chad Cerrie 223, Spencer Johnson 213-211, Erick Griewisch 200-212, Chris Surma 210.

Lou Nocek B-II — Team high game: Agricultural Transportation 1,059. Team high series Agricultural Transportation 3,042.

Individual high scores: Allen Nagel 256-225-660, Scott Jagoda 223-244-659, Spencer Johnson 215-225-205-645, Mike Lucas 204-207-224-635, Dave Meadows 213-209-212-634, Tom Battaglia 247-632, Jerry Jesionowski 211-239-631, Brandon Haase 216-215-630, Paul Nocek 212-214-621, Tom Jagoda 204-206-203-613, Dean Wright 216-203-612, Ted Schwalbe 224, Josh Green 216, Gary Haase 213, Mark Nickerson 212, Jack Reading 212, Cindy Ellman 211, Jim Ellman Jr. 210, Cliff Pearce 211, Roger Pacos 205, Lee Szalkowski 202, Bill Lanski Jr. 201, Dan Struzynski 201, Ben Montague 201.


The 47th annual John S. Tofil Memorial Inter-Club Bowling Tournament was held Saturday at Lucky Lanes. This year’s host club was the Moniuszko Club.

Ten local clubs participated with a total of 160 bowlers. The Beaver Club defended their title winning this year’s event. They were followed by 1st Ward Falcons, Lakeside Club, Moniuszko Club and Dunkirk Falcon Club.

The Lou Nocek Award for the tournament high series went to Spencer Johnson with a 716. Kevin Mikula rolled 715, which featured the tourney’s high game of 278. Other top bowlers were Roger Pacos 710, Ron Mrocka 685, Jim Michaels 685, Derek Bixby 678, and Kevin Kaszuba 671.

The tournament also wants to recognize local youth bowler Zack Kawski, who helped in distributing score sheets and checking the bowlers in to start the day’s action.