For the Record

Local sports schedule

Wednesday, May 17

High School Softball

Maple Grove at Cass. Valley

High School Golf

Silver Creek at Chaut. Lake

High School Boys Lacrosse

Eden at Silver Creek

Amherst at Lake Shore

Salamanca at Gowanda

Youth Softball

Fredonia Little League

Fredonia Police Benevolent Association vs. Fairpoint Communications

In Game 1 of a doubleheader, Eva Gnadzinski led the way for Fairpoint with three hits. Syd Hotchkiss, Madyson Burgess, Mackenzie Schumaker, Reece Shuster and Arielle Corbett all added two hits each. Burgess also pitched an excellent game.

For the Police, Elizabeth Proper led the offense with two hits while Hayley Zadzilka, Bryleigh Wicks and Isabella Bongionvanni added singles. Proper also made several good defensive plays.

During Game 2, Syd Hotchkiss, Eva Gnadzinski, Madyson Burgess and Mackenzie Schumaker all recorded three hits each for Fairpoint. Arielle Corbett, Lyra Stephenson, Jillian Miller, Molly Burgess and Syd Williams each added two hits a piece. Fairpoint played excellent team defense, allowing only two hits. The Police were led by Mikaylee Baliya and Ava Zahm who recorded singles.

Fredonia Police Benevolent Association vs. Family Orthodontics

The Fredonia Police were led by Bryleigh Wicks, Mikaylee Baliya and Elizabeth Proper who all recorded three hits each. Hayley Zadzilka, Ava Zahm, and Isabella Bongiovanni all added two hits each.

Naomi Muck led the offense for Family Orthodontics with three hits while McKenna Crawford and Delany Artrip each added two hits.

Fredonia Police Benevolent Association vs. Meeders Restaurant

Mikaylee Baliya, Hayley Zadzilka and Brianna Dougherty led the way for the Fredonia Police with three hits each. Ava Zahm, Bryleigh Wicks, Isabella Bongiovani and Norrah Waterman all added two hits apiece.

Baliya also contributed with a solid pitching performance.

For Meeders, Brooke Hellman and Avery Smith led the offense with two hits each. Lynette Fraley and Sophia Smith both recorded singles.

Westfield Little League-Travel League

Fair Point vs.

CMT Technologies

Westfield Fair Point improved its season record to 9-0 in a victory over CMT Technologies Saturday night.

Fair Point was led by the pitching duo of Eva Gnadzinski and Mackenzie Schumaker. The two combined for six innings 14 strikeouts, thee walks, five hits, and three earned runs. Fair Point was led at the plate by Sydney Hotchkiss going 5 for 5 and scoring 3 runs in the process.

CMT was led by Joey Hotchkiss with two hits and Haleigh Dellow who hit a two run Homerun. Mia Resnick of Fair Point and Casey Black of CMT were the defensive stars of the game.

Brocton Portland Little League Rexford wins 13-4 over Westfields VFW

Rexford 13, VFW 4

For Brocton, Aiden Gatto had a single and threw 8 strikeouts on the mound. Devon Tolbert had two triples and one RBI. Anthony Gatto had a double and an RBI. Ryan Laurito hit two doubles had an RBI. Jeremy Weisner had one single, an RBI and threw four strikeouts while on the mound. Anthony Cruz hit a double and an RBI. Lauren Stressing had a double, a single and two RBIs.

For VFW, Mason McAvoy threw three strikeouts while on the mound. Chris Vacanti hit a single and threw two strikeouts. Ayden Tayler, Ryan Resnick and Cayden Blackman each hit a single.

Adult Golf

Cassadaga Country Club Wednesday Ladies

Low scores: Michelle Helmer (43), Connie Minnich (48), DeeDee DuBois (54), Bev Cross (55), Donna Frost (56) and Sue Grace (56).

The teams of Lori Cook/Pat Gens and Helmer/Frost both posted 30 for low team net. Skins went to Minnich (No. 10 bogey, No. 18 par), Helmer (No. 12 par) and Judy Waterman (No.16 birdie).

“Fancy Pants” Cross took a triple pot to the bank for closest-to-the-pin on No.15, Minnich cashed in on the 50/50 and DuBois won the card game.

Results for the Cassadaga Country Club Monday Night Men’s Golf League played May 15: Tim Bulger, 38; Fred Chamberlin, 41; Gary Nichols, 41; Brian Blizzard, 42; Jack Meyers, 42; Steve Nichols, 43; Bruce Kaus, 43; Dan Kenzie, 44; Rob Lancaster, 44; Dave Pihl, 44; Bob Warsitz, 44.

Low Net: Chris Mackrell, net 31

Closest to the pin hole No. 6, Randy Butts.

Skins: Ron Martin, Jr, hole No. 3, birdie; Steve Nichols No. 5, birdie; Rex Goot, No.6, birdie. Fred Stern, No. 9 – birdie.

Hillview Golf Course

Monday Night Utility League met for the first play of the season on May 15. Closest to the pin on hole number 5 was Bill Szczerbacki, skins were Jim Korzeniewski, Joe Majkut and Mike Willoughby. Low scores were Chris Penfold 42, George Allessi and Mike Willoughby with 44.

Vineyards Golf Course

Gene Andolina League — Low scratch scores below 40:Kurt Warmbrodt-35; Dan Alessi-37; John Bongiovanni-38; Paul Rrusso-39; Bob Calph-39; Greg Catalano-39

Low handicap scores 33 and below: Paul Trusso, 28; Tom McTigue, 28; Tony Antolini, 28; Kurt Warmbrodt, 28; Paul Leone, 28; Dave DeJoe, 29; Pete Criscione, 29; Joe Kulig, 30; Phil Kleeburger, 30; Dennis Karin, 30; Bob Manning, 31; Greg Catalano, 31; Jim DeJoe, 31; Jack Hood, 32; Bob Sievert, 32; Mark Gugino, 32; Kevin Jasinski, 33; Jim Sedota, 33; Dan Alessi, 33; Ron Joy, 33.

Scratch skins: Kurt Warmbrodt, No. 3; Greg Catalano, No. 9.

Handicap skins: Jim DeJoe, No. 1;Dave DeJoe, No. 7.

Closest to the pin: Kurt Warmbrodt, No. 3; Phil Kleeburger, No. 9.

Youth trap

Western Chautauqua County Trap League

Westfield 319,

Ellery 255

Top shooters for Westfield were: Kent Knopp (49), Tom Tutmaher (48), Don Munson (48), Danny Ficarra (44), Mike Cluchey (44), Will Mason (43) and Butch Ficarra (43). High Lady, Steff Tutmaher (41), Sub Jr., Conner Utegg (30), Sub Jr, Lady, Sydnie Tutmaher (31), Jr. Matt Munson (41), Super Sr. Vet. Mike Cluchey (44).

Top shooters for Ellery were: Rob Graham (46), Ron Harmon (44), Rich Westpfahl (36), Don Johnson (36), Janice Johnson (33), Lisa Boardman (30) and a Blind of 30. High Lady, Janice Johnson (33), Jr. Lady, none, Sub Jr. Lady, none, Sub Jr., none, Sub Vet., Ron Harmon (44), Vet., none, Sr. Vet., none, Super Sr. Vet., none.

Big Tree 337, Ripley 329

Top shooters for Big Tree were: Scott Hammer (47), Cole Hammer (49), Jerry Burnett (48), Will Ortman (48), Paul McKotch (48), Owen Jones (48) and Linda Gilbert (47). High Lady, Linda Gilbert (47), Sub Jr. Lady Cleo Kendrick (38), Sub Jr., none, Jr. Lady, Kaci Sikora (42), Jr. Joe Rapela (42), Sub vet., Steve Milliam (46), Vet., Will Ortman (48), Sr. Vet., Gary Olson (42), Super Sr. Vet., Jerry Burnett (48).

Top shooters for Ripley were: Howard Maille (48), Mark Henry (48), Sid Meeder Sr. (48), Dexter Gordon (48), Donald Henry (46), Bob Murray (46) and Mark Mason (45). High Lady, Sheila Yokom (44), Jr. Lady, Cheyenne Meeder (38), Jr., none, Sub Jr. Lady, Kayla Yokom (36), Sub Jr., Wyatt Meeder (25), Sub Vet., Sid Meeder Sr. (48), Vet., Jack Mosier (42), Sr. Vet., Bob Murry (46), Super Sr. Vet., Jim Carris.

Shooting perfect 25’s were Scott Hammer, Owen Jones, Cole Hammer, Howard Maille, Mark Henry, Sid Meeder Sr., Dexter Gordon, Don Munson and Kent Knopp.