For the Record — July 4


Fredonia Youth Cheerleading Camp

Children ages 5-15 are invited to attend the cheerleading clinic Monday, Aug. 14 and Tuesday, Aug. 15 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The camp is designed to help the Fredonia University Cheerleaders raise money for Nationals, which is held in Disney World.

The cost is $30 per participant. The clinic will include: 1) Learning how to cheer and dance to perform at a boys soccer game. 2) Free bow and T-shirt to wear to the game and second practice. 3) Fun games, stunting and team building exercises. 4) Personal attention from the Fredonia Cheerleaders.

Please contact Meghan McGuire at with registration questions.

Chautauqua Jets

Track & Field

The Chautauqua Jets track and field team have a youth and development program for kids in grades 5-8, to help better their skills and techniques. The program targets local Dunkirk boys and girls, but all Chautauqua County athletes are welcome to join.

Registration will be held on Thursday, July 6, at 7 p.m. at Dunkirk High School. At registration, youths will be required to pay a $20 USA Track and Field (USATF) membership fee along with a copy of their birth certificates. If for any reason a youth cannot pay the $20 fee, they can receive membership fee assistance — no youth will be turned away as a result of the fee.

The program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays for six weeks, culminating into a special event that will be held August 11.

Adult Golf

Vineyards Golf Course

Don Cotton Tuesday Night League (June 26) — Low gross scores: Bob Golubski 36, Cody Latimer 37, Joe Conti 40, John Chaubel 42 and Smokey Gloss 43. Lowest handicap scores: Jeremy Morrison 28, Russell Walker 30, Mike Crise 30, Bob Golubski 30 and Tommy Schibetta 31. Gross skins: John Chaubel (hole No. 4) and Bob Golubski (No. 6). Handicap skins: Jeremy Morrison (No. 5), Russell Walker (No. 7), Tommy Schibetta, Hole No. 8). Closest to the pin: Joe Conti (No. 9) and Bob Golubski (No. 3).

Post Men’s 434 League — Scott Jagoda led the way this week with a two-over par-38 followed by Gary Arnold 39, Jon Espersen 40, Dave Holser 41, Scott Leamer 41 and Adam Morello 42. Closest to the pins were won by Harry Watters (hole No. 4), and Arnold (No. 7). Low net was shared this week by Watters, Junior Martinez and Rob Orr with a 31.

Breezewood Links GC

Asquith Links Golf Tour (July 3) — From the white tees, David Young (A Flight) and Bruce Blume (B Flight) each had low gross shooting 73 and 88. In the Stableford, A Flight: Dave Stewart +7, Young +6 and Brian Eckwahl +2. B Flight: Blume +5, Joe Matte +5 and Brian Shannon +2. From the gold tees, Dave Allen/Jay Mengal (A Flight), Bill Kestler/Gary SaGurney, Bill Pienta and Bob Kaus received low gross, scoring 81, 86, 90 and 97, respectively. In the Stableford, A Flight: Mengal +4, Allen +3, Jim Ferrick and Paul Olkowski +2. B Flight: SaGurney +5, Kestler +4 and Larry Eidens +4. C Flight: Pienta +6, John Depew and Bill Radack +1 and Dave Snyder 0. D Flight: Ed Potter +9, Tom Fairbanks +6 and Dave Nichols +5. Closest to the pin: Blume (hole No. 3), Ray Galligan (No. 7) Ron Juzdowski (No. 10) and Bruce Carlson (No. 17). Next week’s match is at Scene Heights GC, Monday, July 10, at 9 a.m.

Trap scores

Westfield 344, Ripley 325

Top shooters for Westfield: Danny Ficarra 50, Kenton Knopp 50, Kevin Struzenbecker 49, Rose Corbran 48, Mike Cluchey 48, Mac McClausand 45 and Kelly Brown 44. High Lady Corbran 48, Jr. Travis Hollman 43, Vet. Brown 44, Super Sr. Vet. Cluchey 48.

Top shooters for Ripley: Mark Henry 49, Sid Meeder Sr. 28, Howard Maille 46, Bob Murray 46, Dexter Gordon 46, Donald Henry 46 and Mark Mason 44. High Lady Sheila Yokom 46, Jr. Lady Cheyenne Meeder 31, Sub Jr. Wyatt Meeder 32, Sub Jr. Lady Kayla Yokom 35, Sub Vet. Mike Campaign 36, Vet. Jack Mosier 42, Sr. Vet Murray 46 and Super Sr. Vet. Jim Carris 46.

Big Tree 331, Ellery 235

Top shooters for Big Tree: Scott Hammer 49, Paul McKotch 48, Jerry Burnett 47, Mike Asel 47, Greg McChesney 47, Mark Holthouse 47 and Mark Sikora 46. High Lady Linda Gilbert 43, Jr. Joey Rapela 46, Sub Vet. Steve Milliman 40, Vet. Steve Hammer 45, Sr. Vet. Rodger Rhinehart 46 and Super Sr. Vet. McKotch 48.

Top shooters for Ellery: Rob Graham 45, Ron Harmon 44, Rich Westfahl 41, Don Johnson 36, Lisa Boardman 25, Janice Johnson 12 and 1 blinds of 30. High Lady Boardman 25, Sub Vet. Harmon 44.

Shooters that shot perfect 25s: Ficarra (2), Knopp (2), Struzenbecker, Henry, Sid Meeder Sr., McKotch and Scott Hammer.