For the Record

Adult bowling

Lucky Lanes

Lou Nocek BII (Nov. 5)– John Nickerson 203-267-250-720, Judy Langworthy 226-278-208-712, Paul Nocek 246-209-244-699, Jerry Jesionowski 279-221-698, Alex Haase 214-244-213-671, Tom Jagoda 234-213-206-653, Allen Nagel 253-200-634, Nathan Wojtkowiak 201-241-632, Dan Struzynski 211-237-628, Jim Ellman Jr. 247-622, Brandon Haase 209-212-611, Dave Meadows 205-207-602, Mark Nickerson 215-600, Scott Jagoda 235, Ben Montague 226, April Jagoda 214, Bill Lanski Jr. 213, Cindy Ellman 214, Gene Jankowski 203-212, Anne Narraway 212, Roger Pacos 203-211, Chris Tofil 204, Lee Szalkowski 204, Gary Haase 203, Matt Eaker 203, Greg Haase 201. High Team Game Scratch: Frost Transportation, 1,077. High Team Series Scratch: Agricultural Transport, 3,035.

Lou Nocek BII (Nov. 6) — Collin Schazlin 226-256-225-707, Scott Jagoda 225-215-257-697, Spencer Johnson 246-211-235-692, Jim Ellman Jr. 206-267-205-678, Allen Nagel 268-218-669, Gene Jankowski 235-203-227-665, Ben Montague 211-257-660, Jack Reading 244-244-655, Judy Langworthy 224-232-648, Roger Pacos 209-245-629, John Nickerson 216-215-622, Alex Haase 209-204-201-614, Chris Tofil 202-207-601, Dean Wright 224-600, Greg Haase 243, Bill Lanski Jr. 213, Tom Battaglia 211, Nathan Wojtkowiak 212, Jerry Jesionowski 205-201, Dave Meadows 205, Dick Frost 203, Lee Szalkowski 202-201, Gary Haase 202, Brandon Haase 200. High Team Game Scratch: Bowlers Corner, 1,102. High Team Series Scratch: Bowlers Corner, 3,100.

Women’s A League — JoAnne Arnold 171, Cassie Brower 177, Rhiann Eckstrom 164, Jackie Grant 180, Penny Haight 166, Julie L Mikula 173, Cathy A Smith 168, Rose Spicer 199.


High school seniors’ soccer games Nov. 12

JAMESTOWN — The 18th Annual High School Senior Soccer Games will take place at the Martin Road Athletic Complex in Jamestown this Sunday, Nov. 12. The girls will play at noon and the boys at 2 p.m.

These games recognize outstanding high school senior soccer players from Chautauqua County. The Jock Shop and The Post Journal sponsor this event by providing team shirts and publicity. The firm of Fessenden, Laumer & DeAngelo’s Sports4Kids awards a monetary scholarship to one girl and one boy from each team who participate. The Boys and Girls Soccer Booster Clubs host a luncheon for all of the players the day before the game after their practice.

Come out to see all the talent our county’s senior soccer players have to offer.