F-W-B on road to take on fellow 2-3 team

OBSERVER File Photo Fredonia-Westfield-Brocton’s Reid Tarnowski is wrapped up by a Springville player during Friday’s game. The Badgers travel to Akron today to take on the Tigers, a team that, like F-W-B, has a 2-3 record on the season.

When the Fredonia-Westfield-Brocton Badgers journey northeast of Buffalo today to meet the Akron Tigers, they will meet another 2-3 team on the edge of playoff contention.

“They’re a spread team. About three players are 95 percent of their offense,” Badgers coach Greg Sherlock said of the Class C North team which will be looking to get over a 42-6 home loss to Cleveland Hill last week.

“The one is Robbie PeQueen, a running back/slot wide receiver who does a lot of different things,” Sherlock continued. “He’s maybe the best player on the team.”

The third is Jake Faro, “who gets the counter treys — he’s a brusing fullback,” according to the coach.

On defense, the Tigers’ style fits their name: They are extremely aggressive.

“They like to blitz a lot — they’re an attacking defense,” Sherlock said. “I don’t think they’re real big up front, I think that’s the reason they do it. They’re another team that gets to the ball real quick.”

Sherlock said Tigers cornerback/safety Derek Holtz is a big hitter, as is Faro, who plays linebacker on defense.

The Badgers’ coach said his team has had really good preparation for the Tigers this week.

“Our scout team ran their offense almost to perfection,” he said. “They take pride in what they do, and gave it a real good look.”

As for his own squad, the Badgers’ coach said they will stick to a “running-based identity,” similar to what the team put forth in its 16-8 win over Springville last week when it amassed 246 yards of rushing offense.

Earlier in the season, “I didn’t want to pin us down as a running team or a passing team,” Sherlock said. But he said that was a mistake.

“You can’t get everybody the ball all the time,” the coach added. “You try to keep everybody happy by doing it and sometimes you just can’t do it.”

Fredonia-Westfield-Brocton’s offensive line play is a concern to its first-year coach.

“One thing we do have to shore up is when anyone blitzes us, we have to pick that up,” he said. “Due to injuries, we’ve become very young on the line, and we are asking kids to step up.

Sherlock wants to see his team get a winning streak started tonight in a non-league contest, ahead of next week’s rivalry game at Dunkirk.

“It would be nice to get some positive things going forward,” the coach concluded. “Winning builds confidence, and I think the kids need to get out there and put two games together back-to-back. I think they are capable of doing that.”