For the Record — Nov. 11

Adult bowling

Lucky Lanes

Fumble League (Nov. 1) — Devon Fijal 160-254-167-581, Vicki Rylowicz 193-183-176-552, April Jagoda 171-190, Peggy Lucas 164, Diana Manzella 162, Cindy Wilson 168, Betsy White 163-165, Anne Haase 166-179, Sue Mackowiak 183, Shawn Field 166, Tony Misteretta 209, Brenda Kertsetter 196-179. High game: 998 Fredonia Plumbing & Heating. High series: 2838 Busti Auto.

Women’s A league — JoAnne Arnold 193-177-524, Jackie Grant 194-179-530, Roberta Patterson 170, Linda Powell 173, Cathy A Smith 160, Rose Spicer 162 and Alyssa Velk 176-165.

Bob Frame Thursday B-League — Chris Kokoszka 216, Jason Tomkiewicz 225, Steve Dando 227-230-637, Tim Lillie 247-606, Les Ludemann 200, Jim Michaels 208, Phil Maslak Jr 215-610, Eleanore Packs 160-167, Mary Jenner 166, Matt Laurito 200, Hugh Graves 214, Dan Laurito 203, Ricky Laurito 211, Mark Pati 225, Al Pati 226, Bob Wojcinski 205, Tricia Laurito 213-237-203-653 and Rich Glowniak 216.

Adult golf

Wednesday Travel League

The league played the past two weeks under small-scale rules. On Nov. 1, Ed Tofil shot the low round of 79 at Pinehurst Golf Club in Westfield. It was his fourth straight tour victory and league-leading ninth of the season. Robert Calph was second with 86. Tofil led both front nine (39) and back nine (40). The winner of the Bruce “Java” Chrabasz Commissioner’s Award was John Waterman, who tied Gary Hazelton’s record of 95 for the lowest score by a Commissioner’s Award winner. Untied birdies were recorded by: Tofil (Nos. 4, 9, 12 & 18), Calph (Nos. 5, 8 & 15), Lenny Leszkowicz (No. 7) and Waterman (No. 16). Closest to the pin were Tofil (Nos. 4, 13 & 16) and Leszkowicz (No. 7). Top point winners were Tofil (16), Calph (10), Leszkowicz (6) and Waterman (4).

On Nov. 8, the league played at Cable Hollow Golf Course in Russell, Pa. Mike Wolfe earned his fifth tour victory of the season with the low round of 82. Ed Tofil was second with 84. Wolfe led the front nine with 41 while Wolfe, Tofil, and Robert Calph all shot the low back nine score of 41. Bob Thompson was the B Flight winner. Lenny Leszkowicz edged Bob Welch on the first tiebreaker hole to win the C Flight. The winner of the Bruce “Java” Chrabasz Commissioner’s Award was Dave Franklin. The only untied birdies of the day were recorded on Nos. 1 and 3 by Wolfe. Closest to the pin were John Waterman (No. 2), Tofil (No. 5) and Calph (No. 17). Top point winners were Wolfe (8), and Calph, Tofil, and Waterman (four each).

Season points leaders: 1) Wolfe (548), 2) Calph (499), 3) Tofil (442), 4) Danny Kubera (352), 5) Al Etzel (348), 6) Ken Kaus (273), 7) Dave Mathews (270), 8) Joe Michalski and Butch Mackowiak (263), 10) Franklin (250). For the rest of the season, interested golfers can contact John at 785-2291 for potential details. Due to weather conditions, plans may not be finalized until the morning of the event. Golfers will be alerted via email of any updates.