For the Record

Today’s High School sports schedule


Dunkirk at Falconer

Boys basketball

Hutch-Tech at Dunkirk

Springville at Lake Shore

Girls basketball

Catt.-LV at Cassadaga Valley

Southwestern at Fredonia

Boys hockey

Steelers at Depew


Chautauqua Lake at Gowanda

Dunkirk at Falconer

Fredonia at Southwestern

Lake Shore at West Seneca East

Adult hockey (CCHA)

CCHA Open A League

P*Dubs 7, Coughlans 4

Goals for PDubs: Mike Rozewicz (2), Greg McQuiggan (2), Cory Dziduch (1), Mike Burnett (1) and Justin Giles (1). Assists for P*Dubs: Mike Rozewicz (2), Greg McQuiggan (2), Tom Howlett (2) and Cory Dziduch (2). Goalie: AJ Riforgiat. Goals for Coughlans: Chris Finale (1), Taylor Mattoon (1), Mark Zaffalon (1), Dustin Malkowski (1). Assists for Coughlans: Mark Zaffalon (1), Pat Stivers (1), Jim Rozen (1) and Mike Szalkowski (1).

Newcomb Autoglass 6, BJ’s 5

Goals for Newcomb: Nate Woznak (2), Matt Szalkowski (1), Nick Koziol (1), Matt Kessler (1) and Mike Paradis (1). Assists For Newcomb: Nate Woznak (3), Matt Kessler (1) and Mike Paradis (1). Goalie: Wesley Schneider. Goals for BJ’s: Ryan Pogorzelski (3), Brian Wojcinski (1), Nate Pogorzelski (1). Assists for BJ’s: Alex Michalak (3), Tom Coughlin (1), Brian Wojcinski (1) and Matt Ambrose (1). Goalie: Ted Lonski.

CCHA C League

Beaver Club 4, Kosciuszko Club 2

Goals for Beaver: Brad Meyers (2), Jim Rozen (1) and Tim Kachelmeyer (1). Assists for Beaver: Dave Newman (2), Chris Lyseth (2) Carl Abrams (1), Greg Krauza (1) and Luke Buehler (1). Goalie: Shane Randolph. Goals for Kosciuszko: Derek Backert (1) and Chris Nickle (1). Assists for Koscuiszko: Dan Nickle (1) and Derek Backert (1). Goalie: Brandon Smith.

Wicked Glen 6, Southern Tier 1

Goals for Wicked Glen: Caine Hidi (3), Chris Nelligan (1) and Nick Watkins (1), Dave Silajyi (1). Assists for Wicked Glen: Chris Nelligan (4) and Chad Carlson (1). Goalie: Nate Williams. Goals for Coughlans: Corey Alm. Assists for Coughlans: Ryan Messinger. Goalie: Marty Willow.