Students achieve next belt levels

Submitted Photo

On June 27, Logan Goddard and Jaden Robb advanced to their next belt levels through The Family Martial Arts Center and the Kempo Karate Organization. While building confidence and character skills in their journey, each student met several individual challenges which included weapons training, ground defense training, physical conditioning, hand to hand defensive and offensive training and many other techniques and aspects of the martial arts. They have shown a large improvement in their growth and commitment. In the picture are, front row, left to right: Kohai Jaden Robb and Kohai Logan Goddard, both promoted to their third belt (blue). Missing from the photo is Fred Quattron, who also advanced to his blue belt. Back row: Sensei Matt Benware, Sensei Aaron Shuler, Sensei Garrett Catanese and Master Sensei Bill Matteson.