OBSERVER Photo by Jimmy McCarthy The prosecution led by District Attorney Patrick Swanson exit the courtroom following proceedings Tuesday.

MAYVILLE — A Cheektowaga man has been found not guilty of attempted murder of a Chautauqua County sheriff’s deputy following deliberations in County Court.

Justin Haffa was acquitted on charges of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree robbery and aggravated assault. He was found guilty of a lesser charge of third-degree robbery.

The trial was the second to take place in front of Judge David Foley in Mayville; a mistrial was declared in September after Haffa’s defense argued it did not receive a DNA report used by the District Attorney’s Office during trial.

Haffa was jailed following his arrest Sept. 11, 2016, not long after he crashed his vehicle in the town of Pomfret. Prosecutors alleged Haffa attacked a sheriff’s deputy as she was administering a field sobriety test and later fled the area.

Jimmy McCarthy was the only media member who covered the trial from start to finish. Here are his Tweets from Mayville from recent days: