Klubek resigns as Gowanda superintendent

OBSERVER File Photo by Andrew David Kuczkowski. Gowanda Superintendent James Klubek.

GOWANDA — For the past couple weeks, the absence of Gowanda Superintendent James Klubek has been commented as use of vacation and personal matter, with no word on the bad timing as he headed the $41.5 million capital project.

Gowanda Board of Education President Cynthia Sutherland confirmed that Klubek has given a resignation letter to the board that will be reviewed at tonight’s meeting at 6 in the Gowanda Middle School Library.

“We are not firing Mr. Klubek,” Sutherland said. “There is a clause in his contract that allows him to have hearing, if there were any charges brought up to him. There have been no hearings. I will tell you that he has submitted a resignation and the board is going to deliberate in executive session about that resignation, at which point we may or may not take action.”

Sutherland added that his resignation was for personal matters.

Last week during the capital project discussion, Gowanda High School Principal Dr. Robert Anderson became the interim superintendent. On Monday, the Gowanda Board of Education had a special meeting at the middle school library which was for executive session. The reason for the executive session was for “the medical, financial, credit or employment history of a particular person or cooperation, or matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation,” the agenda read.

It is not confirmed whether that is connected to Klubek’s situation.

In tonight’s meeting, there will be an executive session for “discussion about proposed, pending or current litigation,” the proposed agenda reads.

Sutherland also stresses that she heard false rumors about the situation and wants those to be aware of the possibility it can be fake.

The OBSERVER will have live coverage for the meeting and will have updates on Twitter and Facebook once the board announces its decision.

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