Westfield, Ripley, Gowanda school budgets turned down

Results from this evening’s school budget votes are starting to trickle in. So far four budgets have been turned down by voters.

The Ripley School’s budget was turned down by one vote. In total, 90 voted ‘yes’ while 91 voted ‘no.

Westfield Academy and Central School’s budget was turned down with 295 voting ‘no’ and 196 voting ‘yes’.

Clymer was down voted after failing to receive a supermajority. The vote was 238 ‘no’ to 237 ‘yes.’

Both Gowanda’s capital project and budget were failed. The capital project was downed by a vote of 332-494, and the budget was a 391-442 vote.

Brocton Central School’s budget passed via a 176-to-43 vote.