District 23 debate

Final statements

Here are the final statements from the candidates for District 23. Incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Reed went first and challenger Tracy Mitrano followed: http://extras.observertoday.com/ads/Final.mp3

Question 1

If you could draft an ideal national health care plan that is also affordable, what would it look like? Please be as specific as possible. http://extras.observertoday.com/ads/Question1.mp3

Question 2

How would you balance support for agriculture workers in Chautauqua County with the need to have secure borders as Congress and the Executive Branch discuss immigration reform? http://extras.observertoday.com/ads/Question2.mp3

Question 3

The issue of jobs continues to be a major topic for this district. However, unemployment in the district is at its lowest rate in years and businesses say they cannot find workers to fill open positions. How do we cope with this issue? http://extras.observertoday.com/ads/Question3.mp3

Question 4

How do you plan to work in a bipartisan spirit as the country continues to be so politically divided? http://extras.observertoday.com/ads/Question4.mp3