Fredonia talks water system costs, improvements

More improvements are being targeted for the Fredonia Water Treatment plant as well as portions of the system’s infrastructure.

A change order to include the two extra filter beds that the Chautaqua County Health Department required for the village of Fredonia during the recent boil-water mandate will cost the village an additional $55,093. That is for the cost for the labor, equipment and materials required to remove and replace the filter beds.

In addition to these changes, which were required by the Chautauqua County Health Department, the project engineer would like to also include the replacement of the Vineyard Drive pump station as an emergency connection with the city of Dunkirk.

“The reason for that change is it would allow for varying the flow from the city of Dunkirk into the village and there’d be no change to the city of Dunkirk during that process,” said Mike Manning, O’Brien and Gere engineer at the Fredonia Village Board meeting on Monday. “As these things were occurring the department of health brought to our attention that the boil water condition will help the village to procure emergency funding quicker rather than the village pay for these things out of pocket it opens up some doors to procure emergency funding to fund these items.”

Some other items the Health Department wanted put into this project included an upgrade to the site work at the water treatment plant, repairing the failing culverts and looking to protect two sets of pipes that are exposed at the moment. These items were scheduled to be included in a future project.

All told, the expenses could reach $600,000. A vote could occur at the next Village Board meeting Oct. 26.

Complete coverage in Wednesday’s edition


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