Dunkirk school moving ahead with $100,000 project

Dunkirk’s Board of Education gave the go-ahead Tuesday to a $100,000 capital project at the high school, intended to bring security upgrades to the campus.

The resolution authorizing the project, which the board passed unanimously without comment, refers to “modest upgrades and improvements … such work being anticipated to include, but not necessarily to be limited to, the addition of access controls and video entry to various exterior doors, along with all necessary, data, power, head end equipment and hardware modifications in association with a complete system, all to improve security.”

The school district will pay for the work by transferring $100,000 to a capital projects fund in the upcoming budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year. The work is expected to be completed during that time.

The Board of Education determined the project is not subject to the State Environmental Qualities Review Act (SEQRA). The resolution passed Tuesday states that certain activities are not subject to SEQRA, such as “routine activities of educational institutions (and) maintenance or repair involving no substantial changes in an existing structure or facility.” District officials decided the project fell under these parameters.


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