Gowanda optimistic about all returning

GOWANDA — Students at Gowanda Central School continue to return to class. During an April 5 conference call, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that updated guidance will come to schools in the coming weeks. This has been an anticipated announcement, as Gowanda continues to return different grade levels.

“We’ve brought back 12th-graders, eighth-graders, and about 80 additional elementary students in the past couple weeks,” Anderson said. “Under current guidance, we’re looking to bring back grades seven, 11, and another cohort of elementary students over the next couple weeks.”

If everything goes according to plan following the guidance, Anderson anticipates that on any given day, Gowanda Central School will be at about 80 percent capacity, as they look to bring back as many kids as possible. Additionally, Gowanda will now be able to fit even more students with the 3-feet distancing being allowed by New York.

“We can bring back all of our students for in person instruction,” Anderson said. “From the date of that announcement, I would suggest a one-week turn around to bring everyone back.”

School staff continues to move furniture back into the building for the potential of everyone coming back, but since it hasn’t come to fruition yet, they are taking their time, and bus routes would be another obstacle to tackle in that predicted one week turnaround, should distancing guidelines be reduced.


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