Forestville dumpsters creating a stir

HANOVER — Town officials want to advise residents of Forestville to make sure any dumpsters they may have are up to the current code. Town of Hanover Deputy Supervisor Lou Pelletter said that they have received complaints about several dumpsters in Forestville and want to make sure the residents of Forestville know how to take care of them.

“There have been a lot of complaints that some are overflowing and that some aren’t placed in the right spot,” Pelletter said. “We don’t want rodents and stuff getting around.”

According to the Hanover Zoning Laws for dumpsters, all dumpsters on a site for 30 days must be located on public property outside of the front yard. They must be 15 feet outside the public right-of-way and 15 feet from any fire hydrant or other fire-fighting equipment. Dumpsters must be covered with lids in working order to shelter these contents, and the lids should be secured at all times. At a minimum, dumpsters should be emptied once per month, per the town law.

To combat this, Hanover’s building inspector/zoning officer is going to begin checking to make sure the dumpsters are in the right place and covered properly, and are also not overflowing. Pelletter said the Town wants residents of Forestville to be aware of this so any non-compliant dumpster can be attended to.

“We don’t want people blindsided by this,” Pelletter said.

See STIR, Page A3


In other town of business, a public hearing is set to take place right before the Nov. 8 meeting of the Town Board. The public hearing is for the re-proposed solar farm that is set to be built on Hanover Road. A public hearing on the solar farm has been held previously, but the application to build was revised in several different areas, and is now different enough from the first application that another public hearing is required.


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