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Marina safety efforts lauded


After reading the article on July 3, I felt compelled to respond. While I agree it should be the responsibility of the marina to repair and maintain the docks I applaud Mayor Wilfred Rosas for putting public safety first. On June 1, I took a bad fall on F Dock. We’ve had a slip at the marina for more than 20 years and have never seen the docks in such horrible, unsafe conditions. Our ramp was held together by a strap and if you were lucky enough to walk down the ramp you were challenged with getting to your boat safely since the main dock sections were not fully connected.

It took 2 1/2 weeks to heal my injuries. We live an hour away in Erie County and have many marina options yet we choose Chadwick Bay because it’s a great community and we consider it our second home. We spend a tremendous amount of time on our boat and support the community shops, restaurants and retail stores.

Thank you for putting public safety first!



Pets deserve

owner’s love


Recently a young male dog was brought to the Lakeshore Humane Society building by a neighbor who rescued it from being “dumped” in the woods by an uncaring owner. No food, water or medical attention had previously been given.

Also a three-legged young dog appeared at the building after being hit by a car, but still wagged its tail.

These two incidents were heart-breaking and should not have happened.

A phone call is only minutes away, 672-1991. If you can no longer care for your cat or dog, please call the volunteers. A warm, safe environment awaits with food, water and medical assistance.

Do not discard animals who have unconditional love to give, or abandon them as you feel life entices you to find fulfillment in social opportunities or material pursuits.



Lakeshore Humane Society