I have many questions

When thinking about what I wanted to write about in this week’s column I realized that I had a lot of questions and few answers. I guess that’s because of all the crazy things that have been going on this year starting with the Senate trial of President Trump which was only another step in the attempted coup against the President, followed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak that was followed by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day followed by rioting and destruction in the streets. What might come next? I wouldn’t want to speculate about that.

So, I decided to list my questions. Perhaps you have some of the same.

1. How could Speaker Pelosi have the nerve to accuse the President of being slow to start action against the virus (he wasn’t by the way) when she was the prime instigator of the bogus impeachment hearings and the Senate Trial that took up so much of his attention?

2. Why, when opening city beaches did the Los Angeles Mayor tell citizens to avoid the dry sand that apparently harbored the COVID-19 Virus but that it was OK to go on the wet sand while in NYC Mayor DeBlasio told residents to stay off the wet sand that harbored COVID-19 but that the dry sand was safe? Who was right and who was wrong?

3. Why has it been permissible for protestors and rioters to not wear masks or keep social distancing while protesting and rioting?

4. Why all the dithering from our esteemed Governor about sending children back to school in September? Do we want them to become even more of an academically lost generation then they were before the virus even came on the scene? Research has established that children rarely if ever spread the disease because they rarely contract it and now the 67,000 member American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a return to the classroom to preserve our children’s mental and physical health.

5. Why is Governor Cuomo not being investigated for managing to kill over 5000 senior citizens, like my wife and I, whom he returned to nursing homes after they had tested positive for the virus in a supposed effort to free up hospital beds?

6. Why does the Governor place such a low value on senior citizen lives? Is this a harbinger of future policies by progressive politicians?

7. When will the Legislature finally end Governor Cuomo’s expanded powers to “fight” the COVID-19 “menace?”

8. Why do CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the “former” paper of record, the New York Times place more blame for the virus on President Trump than on the Chinese who purposely or accidentally unleashed it on the world?

9. I’ve been known to take a drink now and then but in supposedly fighting the virus why does it seem that there were fewer restrictions on liquor store operations than on church attendance in New York State and in other states with progressive governors?

10. I’m glad that stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Ollies were open during the depths of the economic shutdown but what do they have that stores like TJ MAXX and shopping malls don’t have? It has to be more than food!

11. How stupid and incompetent is New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio?

12. If You were mayor of New York City and you saw a huge rise in murders, shootings and crime in general would you cut the police budget by $1Billion?

13. What are Former New York City Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg doing these days? Could they save the “Big Apple” or is it beyond salvation?

14. Why does Joe Biden avoid crowds of more than six or seven people? What do his handlers know that we don’t? Joe, be honest because on the off chance you are elected my grandchildren’s and our nation’s future many depend on your honesty.

15. Biden may not have been reading press conference answers from a teleprompter recently but why does the docile national press have to feed him “puff ball” questions like “what keeps you up at night?” Even a man with dementia could answer that

16. How sunk in the slime is the national media when a reporter can ask President Trump’s press secretary if the President believes it is a good thing that the south lost the Civil War?

17. Why does money contributed to Black Lives Matter on their website get transferred to the Democratic Party fund raising arm “ActBlueCharities”? What’s the relationship?

So, there it is. I have a lot of questions but not many answers. A lot of my questions stem from the fact that people like our Governor tend to keep average citizens out of the loop and others like Joe Biden seem to have something to hide from us. Of course, some questions are just unanswerable but that won’t stop me from asking them.


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