Military shift may be needed

The Islamic State is the politically incorrect terrorist organization of the year. That means that what military resources the major powers are willing to devote to battling Muslim militants are directed almost solely at the group.

That is not inappropriate – for now. The IS still controls large areas of Iraq and Syria and seems to be the primary exporter of terrorism. That level of threat prompted a meeting this week in Washington of military officials from about 30 countries.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the gathering was to plan for the final defeat of the IS and how to stabilize areas reconquered from it.

Leaders of other terrorist groups ranging from al-Qaida to Boko Haram cannot be displeased at the attention given to the IS. It takes pressure off them.

But a dozen other Islamic terrorist organizations are just as vicious as the IS and, if given time to lay the groundwork, just as capable of attacks harming Americans.

So by all means, keep up the good work against the IS, but be ready to shift military resources to the destruction of other terrorist groups as well.


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