DAYTON Write-in tallies send message

What happens in the town of Dayton in the coming weeks will be quite interesting. On Election Day, there were a significant number of write-in votes for both town highway superintendent and supervisor.

While the major town parities backed incumbent Supervisor Angie Mardino-Miller and Thomas Chupa for the highway post, it appears there is discontent in the town. Some of it, apparently, revolves around the Master’s Plan organization that is a 501(c3) non-profit. Mardino-Miller, in a letter to the editor, addressed some of the accusations that were apparent misconceptions about the agency before the vote.

“I have only given to The Master’s Plan of my time, money, talents, and passion to better our community,” she wrote. “In fact, since The Master’s Plan began in 2006, neither I nor anyone has collected a wage from this ministry. Other churches pay their clergy and staff, we all volunteer our time and talents to be of service to the community.”

Her letter, however, must not have resonated with voters. As of Tuesday evening, she had 236 votes, one more than the total number of write-in tallies. Chupa, however, seemed in worse shape with 30 fewer votes than the write-in candidates. Final tallies on the race are expected Nov. 19.

Write-ins, on a large scale, rarely work. In small towns like Dayton, there can be an impact.


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