#myfredonia Continue push for final five

Fredonia and northern Chautauqua County better be ready to rise and shine on Tuesday morning. It is a significant day for the village and region when Deluxe and the “Small Business Revolution” determine what five towns remain in the final contest to win a $500,000 revitalization award.

At 7:30 that morning, the Fredonia Opera House will be holding another rally. At that time, we will find out if our community has done enough through social media to be a finalist.

“This whole project here, this has been not only a Fredonia accomplishment and goal, it’s the community, it’s a region, it’s a state,” said Fredonia Mayor Doug Essek. “This is something that has been unifying our community with our businesses and our community leaders. We’ve all come together and banded to work on this project. And this is just the start of something great for our community and region.”

For now, we are in the homestretch. Continue to use the hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that include: #smallbusinessrevolution, #deluxe and #myfredonia.

Our voices and community spirit are being heard. It needs to continue.


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