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Another view on Silver Creek

June 11, 2013 - John D'Agostino
On Sunday, our OBSERVER's View — on link at right — advocated again for the elimination of the local Silver Creek police force to reduce the extremely high village tax burden.

While some readers back the opinion, others are of a different mindset. Here is a comment I received — via e-mail — from one of those Silver Creek residents:

Mr. D'Agostino:

It has always been my view that newspaper editors and publishers are to be unbiased in everything that they put in their paper. That is obviously not the case with your paper and (Sunday’s) opinion shows that clearly.

I know that you had it in for Tim (Roche, Silver Creek police chief) because he wouldn't play by your rules (asking for all calls to be reported is absolutely absurd.) They respond to every first aid call, every funeral escort, bank escort and countless domestics.

No one puts that stuff in unless there are charges filed and you know that. ... Being chief is not about being popular but about doing a job. I'm so glad that you support all the illegal activity this board and mayor have pulled the last couple weeks.

They held an illegal meeting at the last possible minute to go with sheriff's coverage before the new fiscal year started where all four trustees voted to go with sheriffs coverage but there is no contract in place so we have no coverage except to respond to calls after the fact, no one to monitor the cameras in the village areas and thus the village park has been vandalized by our teenage shady side twice in less than a week, both covered by the sheriff .. Didn't see anything in the police reports.

The sheriff offers nothing in the way of services that we are not already entitled to as county taxpayers. Lastly, they used a seldom used loophole in the state village law 8-800 that allows them to suspend a department without a referendum with absolutely no intention of restarting the dept. at a later point in time because it would be too costly to start from scratch. They have taken the power of the vote away from the people simply to ensure the vendettas or agendas of about four or five people all involved in village government, including the mayor.

Had there been a referendum and the board won then we would have said that we had our voice heard. WE WERE NOT GIVEN THAT OPTION!


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Jul-01-13 11:12 AM

Yeah John- it really wasn't fair at all how the mayor/board went about the whole thing. A public referendum couldn't be held because there no longer was a department- because the mayor sent out letters letting the department go before the public could request a referendum. Pretty sneaky- makes you wonder what else goes on behind closed doors. If it was for the best or not, either way it was not right how they went about it and how the opinion of the public was not important in the decision.


Jun-24-13 2:24 AM

Anna, It's people like you that give villages like Silver Creek a bad name..

Jun-18-13 3:18 PM

We are a small community, neighbors know each other, look out for each other...people here are "family"...and our local police force was part of this "family." They knew the people, knew where the trouble spots were, and we could always rely on them to assist us promptly should the need arise. Getting rid of this part of our village "family" is a dire mistake that we, as a village will feel for years to come. A matter such as this should have been put to vote of all the people who reside in the village, not just a few board members who vote how they want, and not how the people who put them in office in the first place. As with every budget, there are ways to save money elsewhere... I always felt safe living in Silver Creek, sad to say things will change, and not for the better.

Jun-12-13 6:11 PM

Okay 1 gold Star


Jun-12-13 2:11 PM


Jun-12-13 8:06 AM

The writer leaves no doubt as to why Silver Creek is in financial ruin. While reading the letter to the Observer I seem to hear the nonsense of a prior good old boy/girl Board Member. It's over, move forward! Whipping a dead horse won't get the fields plowed!


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