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Patriotism lives for vets

May 22, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: I am writing in response to the commentary on “Taking our freedom for granted” by Richard Makuch on May 2. I agree with Mr. more »»

Driving up problems

May 22, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: I believe the Arkwright Town Board should consider the fact that there might be less junk cars in Arkwright if the roads were fixed. JEAN M. more »»

Residents here also need work

May 15, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: The construction of the drug plant in Dunkirk is much needed for our local towns. more »»

Kershnar full of blasphemy

May 15, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: In Stephen Kershnar’s article on Easter (March 30), he raised doubts about the veracity of Atonement and Christian forgiveness in general. more »»

Republican tactics go awry

May 15, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: We’ve learned from Republican insider committee members, that the sole purpose of that GOP committee on the Benghazi incident was an attempt to derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign an... more »»

Hotel is more than eyesore

May 14, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: The historic hotel is an abandoned building in the heart of Silver Creek. Apparently it has no owner and no one accepts responsibility. more »»

Tourism industry not the answer

May 8, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: I hope that Chautauqua County Democrats and Republicans offer up candidates for County Executive in 2017 with a vision of Chautauqua County that is not based upon low paid, seasona... more »»

Healthy choice in a leader

May 8, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: As I stated in my last article, I can’t find one presidential candidate to vote fo. more »»

Not all have access to information

May 2, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: This is in response to the article concerning parking tickets issued to Ruggles Street residents on Leap Day (April 17). more »»

U.S. needs to start over

May 1, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: Neither political party can effectively manage this country and they both deserve to be flushed. Draft a new Constitution and start over as a nation, not an empire. more »»

New building, unfair practice

May 1, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: I was very excited to hear that the state of New York has granted authorization and funds for a new drug plant to be built in Dunkir. more »»

Shining moment for couple

May 1, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: When I wake up in the morning, I have this saying, “something great is going to happen to me today.” And it always does. more »»

Agreement hurts area firms

April 30, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: I have worked on construction projects in Western New York for years, and the company I work for has established a reputation as one of the most efficient construction firms in the... more »»

City firefighter pact is responsible

April 24, 2016 Editor OBSERVER: Here are some of my thoughts on the firemen’s contract that was passed at the April 5 Common Council meeting: As I stated at the meeting, after reading the Collective Bargaining... more »»

We’re on the high end of low price

April 24, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: Just wondering. If the national price for a gallon of gasoline is $2.09 and the price in Fredonia is $2. more »»

Spreading good news

April 17, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: Stephen Kershnar is right in his March 30 commentary. more »»

Good eggs, wrong time

April 17, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: I appreciate the outreach programs that the students at SUNY at Fredonia do for the children of the community but was disappointed on Sunday, April 3. more »»

Saluting city VA Clinic

April 17, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: This is a short letter in regards to the VA Clinic in Dunkirk. I’ve been involved at the VA Clinic for at least 10 years or more. I can’t thank D. more »»

Candidates may lose votes

April 17, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: There were a lot of young and student voters at the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton rallies, but will they be qualified to vote for either? A lot of their supporters are may no... more »»

Not all agree with Reed

April 17, 2016 Editor, OBSERVER: This letter is in response to U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s support of Mr. Trump. I hope this endorsement is not thought by Mr. more »»



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