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Health care in upstate New York: A template for the nation

February 15, 2014 When it comes to financing and delivering high quality health care, other parts of the country can look to upstate New York for a primer on how it should be done. more »»

Grinning over ‘woolly bear’ predictions

February 14, 2014 It wasn’t until relatively recently that I grew aware of the woolly bear. I’m sure they have them in Pennsylvania but my world in those days didn’t look outward as it does now. more »»

Consider ‘human factor’ with Home

February 13, 2014 Having neither the expertise nor any real power concerning the Chautauqua County Home, I am still compelled to give an opinion toward the probable sale of this facility. more »»

That generous helping hand

February 12, 2014 What are we missing when it comes to understanding what one should reasonably expect from their government? Is it reasonable that we should expect decent roads to drive on, water that is safe to... more »»

Environmentalists take it to extremes

February 10, 2014 I don’t know about anyone else, but I have had my fill of these radical groups calling themselves environmentalists. more »»

Spreading seasonal gratitude

February 9, 2014 This especially cold and snowy winter season makes it clear how dependent many of us can be on our systems of government, as well as on our energy suppliers. more »»

Big rewards for helping others

February 9, 2014 My column is called Ruminations. Being that this is farm country, many people may think of ruminate in relationship to cows, where they chew their cud, or chew again what has already been chewed. more »»

Humor: A shadowy Super Sunday

February 9, 2014 It was Feb. 2 and I had just come in from the great outdoors. I was looking for my shado. more »»

Fears put halt to state fracking

February 9, 2014 Hydraulic fracturing — or “fracking” as more commonly known — has come to my attention from state Sen. Cathy Young’s questionnaire. It asks: if I’m for it, against it, or undecided. more »»

A story to make you laugh

February 8, 2014 How many of you enter the sweepstakes? I have a story to tell you that I hope will make you laugh. more »»

Let the little colt go bare

February 7, 2014 Turns out this is the second line of an old (if unknown to me) nursery rhyme, following “Shoe the horse, shoe the mare.” All right. I suppose I could be writing about a pony in my backyard. more »»

Beware: it’s the month to be aware

February 6, 2014 The fact that February is National Awareness Month reminds me of my ambiguous relationship with thematic months. more »»

Divide continues over County Home

February 5, 2014 It looks like we are again faced with a fourth vote to sell the County Home. Apparently, if you can’t get the votes you need to force a sale, you just keep pushing until you get your way. more »»

Is sale responsible?

February 2, 2014 It would appear that within the next few weeks a new proposal will be submitted for the purchase of the Chautauqua County Home and a fourth vote will be taken by the County Legislature to sell the... more »»

SAFE?Act foes target Robertson

February 2, 2014 Editor, OBSERVER This is an open letter to Martha Robertson: As residents, voters, and gun owners of the 23rd Congressional District, we feel strongly about the time-honored tradition of hunting,... more »»

Pretzels keep friends connected

February 2, 2014 I sent a box full of pretzels to South Korea today; they’re my friend Christina’s favorite comfort food. Christina and I met while getting our master’s at SUNY Fredonia. more »»

Data reveals dark side to military service

February 2, 2014 Recently, the Department of Veteran Affairs reported that young veterans just out of service and receiving government health care committed suicide at nearly three times the rate of active-duty... more »»

The lowdown on Paul Revere

February 1, 2014 Today I’m going to play Paul Harvey and tell you the true story about Paul Revere. I should say I’m going to give you the lowdown because I get my information from the “Lowdown Publication. more »»

‘Intolerance’ with atheists

February 1, 2014 I am writing in response to the commentary “Why target ‘Bible believers?” (Jan. 16). more »»

There’s a broom in the room

January 31, 2014 Newcomers (no visitor is a stranger, certainly not by the time of departure) may notice one rather strange addition to the decor in what is otherwise a fairly immaculate home. more »»



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