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Stealing from our children

March 6, 2016 Massive government debt is justified on many grounds, often from highly credentialed, well-educated, respectable people of good faith and characte. more »»

Elected officials work for us

March 6, 2016 The presidential hopefuls have been debating their own merits and their opponent’s shortcomings for some time now and will until November. more »»

Keeping the joy makes life easier

March 5, 2016 This column is amazing! I almost feel like heading it with “The lost and found department.” Last week we ran the column that featured two pictures I had received from the Mercurio family. more »»

Fumbling with football

March 4, 2016 Unless I happen to find myself curled up in the strong arms of a gentleman, I have a tough time just watching television. more »»

Sound-bite society boosts Trump

March 4, 2016 You may be the sort to “Like” Republican front-runner Donald Trump, especially if you agree with what he has to say or his ideas. more »»

New era of politicking dawns

March 3, 2016 Dynasties and super delegates. This primary season features these two contentious and unsavory realities of American politics. more »»

Married with options

March 2, 2016 An open marriage is one in which the partners agree that they can have sex with other people without it being considered cheating. more »»

The company line — and benefits

March 1, 2016 A good wage in exchange for a hard day’s work is what used to be the norm, but not anymore. more »»

Words for American way

February 29, 2016 Words for American way Politics, policy and personality. These three themes seem to occupy today’s stage in our current political atmosphere. more »»

We can’t trash city recycling

February 29, 2016 Recycling in our Dunkirk city has been one projects we were always proud of! A few years back, with our former Mayor Richard Frey, we were in the need of a trash truck, desperately. more »»

Area neglecting our furry friends

February 28, 2016 I’m writing this letter to address my concerns for our helpless animals in the community. I grew up always having a tight connection with all animal. more »»

Rounding up connections to area’s Circle of Love

February 28, 2016 I believe in miracles and that angels are all around u. more »»

Our ‘none-of-the-above’ alternative

February 28, 2016 Every four years during the Presidential election campaigns, it seems I hear the same thing: “vote for the lesser of two evils;” unless, of course, you are staunchly one party or the other, then... more »»

Detective needs help from agents

February 27, 2016 Do you like to play detective? I do and this column is my detective agency. Monday I got a letter from Syracuse. more »»

On the local, state fronts

February 27, 2016 While the national media has been fixated on the presidential race of late, noteworthy news has been made at the state and local level. more »»

Cooking, back in the day

February 26, 2016 My Musing for last Dec. 11 referred to the “old” Warren Cook Book revised and printed in November 1937 by the Second Auxiliary Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian Church of Warren, Penna. more »»

Climate change real, not ‘controversial’

February 25, 2016 If you were a physician, what would you say to a patient who smokes? Would you advise that person to cut back, in order to reduce the risk of cancer and other potentially deadly health consequences?... more »»

There ain’t no free lunch!

February 24, 2016 Bernie Sanders believes it’s the entrepreneur and successful individual who are responsible for the economic inequality in this country. He believes free enterprise and capitalism is bad for societ. more »»

Persistence brings results

February 23, 2016 I’ve been impressed by how one can do something casually, and it can affect their life forever, either tragically or blesse. more »»

There are the poor ... and the seniors

February 22, 2016 This is in response to the article in the OBSERVER on Feb. 14 headlined “Plight of poor on rise. more »»



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