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County Home dilemma: staying at 98 percent full, yet still losing money

January 20, 2013

By LIZ SKOCZYLAS OBSERVER Mayville Bureau The old saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch” applies to the Chautauqua County Home as well....

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Jan-22-13 7:29 AM


If there were a dozen private transfer stations, that charged less but provided better services, then the County one I would support selling it as well, but that is not the case.

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Jan-21-13 10:45 PM

Is Ten dollars an hour to much pay? I think the IDA is paid to much money for the jobs they bring in,zero last i knew. The county Exec makes a nice chunk of change,with benfits,but the politicians want the average Joe to make 5 dollars an hour,where you can't even support a family!!

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Jan-21-13 7:45 PM

caregiver reread my comment I stated "ONLY" PEOPLE WHO HAVE WORKED AND PAIDED TAXES ALL THEIR LIVES in simple words I do not wish to support the slugs from cradle to grave.

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Jan-21-13 6:31 PM

The home is a PUBLIC nursing home, it was never meant to make a profit. When did this change? Is the county making money off the transfer stations? or any other entity? The home is a viable part of out county and with the plant closings? this is almost the last nail in the coffin!

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Jan-21-13 5:37 PM

bronski said he wants Edwards & Helwig to did you conclude he supports keeping them in charge?

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Jan-21-13 8:40 AM

"They both are poor excuses for managing anything. "

And yet you support keeping them both in charge of the home.

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Jan-21-13 8:21 AM

This paper does not want you to know all the details. Maybe everyone that has posted a comment should have appeared at the legislative meetings. You would have had a better perception of what was going on. Edwards is just blowing smoke to make himself look good for his reelection. I think he should step down and so should Mr. Helwig. They both are poor excuses for managing anything.

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Jan-21-13 8:18 AM

Bottom line is "taxes will not decrease". If they do you will not see it for at least 5 more years. Why are we wasting our time. Instead for the last 3 years we could have implemented some of the changes that where recommended to Mr. Edwards and the home would have been more viable. Poor management from the top down.

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Jan-20-13 11:11 PM

Rhetorical question: Which provides a worthier service to Chau Cty residents - the CHH or the airports. So why fund the airports but not the Home?

Is there a moral imperative to help our seniors at the very time they need it the most? If not, sell the Home. If there is, find a way to save it. IGT, bust the union, whatever...

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Jan-20-13 10:12 PM

Why don't Chautauqua County make the old people go out and work? Yes I am kidding. Chautauqua County Government is so money hungry. They just want more and more money. Leave the home as is. You already are the highest taxed County in New York and I think the USA so whats a few million more each year. I can't respect anyone wanting to sell the home. Sorry Local Government. Find something else to dump but not the home. You already wasted so much money on a study. Hang up this stupid idea or move somewhere else so you don't have to worry about Chautauqua COUNTY!!!!!!!!

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Jan-20-13 7:16 PM

concerned why do you think that the Home doesn't take people who have worked all their lives? As a matter of fact there are two retired dunkirk teachers that are residents there now. we also have and have had doctors, nurses, farmers, veterans etc. as residents at the Home. Please feel free to come visit the residents and talk to them about who they are! The only way to prove to you that they were hard working taxpaying citizens is for you to see it for yourself!

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Jan-20-13 5:32 PM

Sonny...I have to go to Mayville to go through a file of papers to get the answers to my questions.

I just have not been able to do this yet..and will not until until next month. I need plenty of time to go through each paper. Looking for anyone to go with...

by the not anyone else concerned that this information on OUR money and how it was spent, and who got it, and not readily available?

Just like the figures on those on cash assistance in our county. What do you think they are trying to hide? Why is this not available to all of us?

Here ya go...another project for our investigative reporters. Find out why we in this county have such a hard time finding out how the county is spending our money.

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Jan-20-13 5:28 PM

localresident...did you not read my post at all?

What part of state aid to schools do you not understand IS tax payer is all the other state and federal money that we get in this county.

That is my point.

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Jan-20-13 3:06 PM

Cannonball, see my comment to Judeye.

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Jan-20-13 3:05 PM

Oodles and oodles of fear of change in WNY. That's why it's stuck on the 1970's still. High gas prices, high taxes, plants closing. Better change your outlook folks, it's not going to get any better with the current mindset.

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Jan-20-13 2:19 PM

If anyone could show me that the county home accepts only persons who have worked and paid taxes all their lives I would support keeping it 100% but that won't happen!!!

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Jan-20-13 12:02 PM

Sure. Sell the home. Let's just ignore the ideas presented before us to help save money. Let's just go ahead, and sell it. Who cares about the people who had to give up their houses, and possessions, things that they worked for, to be reduced to a small room, or a shared room, which is smaller, who cares? You're also talking about their home. This is a great quality nursing home in a depressed area, but if it's managed properly, it could save money, the fact that it's still here is proof of that. And to the people who want to sell, I hope you end up in a privatized nursing home, then you'll pay for the service you deserve: crap

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Jan-20-13 11:39 AM

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Jan-20-13 10:54 AM

Judeye, what part of "IGT is funded with taxpayer money" don't you understand? Face it, the home is losing money, don't try to put lipstick on a pig.

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Jan-20-13 10:36 AM

The County Home has 80% medicaid residents,thats because the other private homes in the area cherry pick the applicants and accept medicare patients first,patients that make money for them with the least amount of care required,the rest have no where to go except the County Home.When The IGT funding started to get messed around with 4 years ago is when the Home became an issue.By the way,hows that gas well doing?.

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Jan-20-13 9:45 AM

The only thing this proves over and over again is the County should NOT be in the Nursing Home business. The other business they should NOT be in is the Airport business. Conclusion....SELL the Home and then start the process to SELL the Airports!!!!!!

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Jan-20-13 8:50 AM

98% full and still losing money. If this does not speak of mismanagement nothing does. If hotels were operating at 98% capacity they would be raking in millions of dollars. So what is the problem? Wages,food costs, administrative fees. Answer, All of the above.

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Jan-20-13 8:48 AM

With the IGT money the HOME has a surplus.

Without these funds the HOME is losing money daily. Just like most of the other services in our county, if we take away all state and federal reimbursements. How much would each of the school districts lose each year if you take away all the state and federal aid? How much would the hospitals lose each year if you take away all the state and federal aid they receive? How much would our very county government lose without the reimbursements they receive each year?

If the buyer hires all the current employees, at their current rate of pay and benefits, then tell me how a FOR PROFIT company could make a profit when a not for profit ie the county cannot even break even?

We can give the employees help via food stamps, medicaid, heap, etc after their salaries are greatly reduced or we can fight to keep them employed with pay that can support their families. Either way we will pay. Our choice

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Jan-20-13 7:46 AM

I didn't bother reading the article. This issue has been beaten to death for far too long...VOTE AND GET IT OVER WITH! The current legislature's legacy will be they got rid of the county "accomplishment" I would NEVER be proud of, in fact, I'd be ashamed of it.

This story's headline is what caught my attention. It reminded me the early 90's when the Bills were setting record attendences, yet the organization claimed they were still losing money. If you can't make money after selling out all seats, which is the ultimate goal, something is definitely wrong with the cost/revenue structure.

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