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Immigration plan is ‘insanity’

February 18, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: The current push to legalize millions of people who entered and remain in this nation illegally is probably one of the most disgusting acts ever perpetrated by politicians whose......

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Mar-06-13 5:13 PM

I agree with the writer 100% - I have tried in past years to bring this plight to local citizen's attention - but everybody cries "oh, poor illegals....not with their family...." etc. What about the divorced dad who doesn't see his kids regularly, if a all? What about the military families who are separated? If you broke the law, you'd go to jail. These guys who are here illegaly are rewarded - and we cater to them by putting things in their language - God forbid they should try to learn English. I say round 'em all up and deport them, or send them to Cuba - the way Castro sent his undesirables here to long ago. One thing you can be sure of with illegal immigration, crime rates go up - and if you don't believe it, do some Googling on the internet. How many more people can the US accommodate before all our resources are depleted?

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Feb-28-13 6:21 AM

The letter writer nail it. Yup, that's the plan. Get involved.

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Feb-26-13 12:20 AM

...also cost Americans....

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Feb-26-13 12:20 AM

Oh, and Robert, the government also cost A,Erica's 23 Billion dollars in a wasted effort trying to fix General Motors, which, as we all know, is impossible.

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Feb-23-13 11:32 PM

Uhh, Robert, when's the last time you visited Detroit? Not many jobs to be had the in the last, oh, what, 20 years plus or so? A shadow of the presence that the Big Three used to have there may exist, but nothing close to what it once was. You can buy entire city blocks for $1,000 / house. The mayor's office is constantly under fire for corruption / sexual harassment, etc. If that's government job creating, then we're in trouble.

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Feb-23-13 1:42 PM

How many jobs (especially local) are taken away from citizens by illegal (or legal) immigration? Who has the stats? They don't favor the argument since, for example, such workers do work that citizen will not for the wages (e.g., hotel maids). Secondly, it is not surprising that one group in favor of a path for citizenship (or legal status) are employers who depend on that labor, since so many citizens prefer instead to collect welfare. All over the world now, immigration is a big issue--in most cases with populists against it. Yet, this country was founded on immigration. Yes, it was legal but easy to come to America in the early 19th century, and there are few among readers who do not descend from these hardy souls. Poles, the Irish, the Jews, the Italians, and Hispanics have all been subjected to this kind of animosity. People who have come here WANT to live and work here. They deserve a chance for to become productive citizens.

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Feb-22-13 9:23 AM

Paul, why is it when anyone criticises the top 1% it is immidiately considered HATRED of the rich? I don't believe as a Christian that I personally HATE anyone (maybe my ex wife). the top 1% has legally purchased our government and had everything that they wanted handed to them, tax breaks, tax loop holes, more deductions and from them we have recieved jobs? where did the rich create jobs please Mike? Detroit? No that was the government. road building and bridge repair? no that was the goverment. Saving wall street from themselves?? no, that was the government hmmmmm

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Feb-22-13 9:18 AM

man o man has this blog become right wing radical or what?? You guys are going on about "illegal" immigrants coming here for free stuff? Just how do you go about getting benefits when you are illegal? Other than the emergency room you can't. I live in SC and we had a very large mexican "illegal" work force in the area. the worked like dogs by the way, roofers, builders, plumbers and electricians. so all the Patriots down here got together and passed some laws to get these folks out of here. Now there is a waiting list to get a roof done (and not as well by the way) so please don't make out like these illegals are draining the good old USA. Georgia had the same thing happen to them, passed a buch of immigration laws and then their fruits and vegetables rotted in the fields as they couldn't get anyone else to pick them for what they were paying.

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Feb-21-13 6:25 PM

Paul. They came up with a way to clean dirty, unhealthy water and want to build the factory here, in America. That's a job creator, not double speak for some CEO that sent a few thousand jobs off shore to get his bonus up another million bucks. But the powers that be can't see a way to keep them here? Obama can say "We don't have to enforce that law" talking about deporting illegal aliens not doing anything to improve the country, but these two need to get out of the country? Your hatred for the rich is showing.

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Feb-21-13 4:13 PM

I must point out, that George Bush wanted to do much the same thing. Both parties are looking for the Hispanic vote, and trying to figure out the best way to do that without losing the votes they already have.

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Feb-21-13 3:14 PM

The only reason for this nonsense is for the vote. The illegals gaining citizenship and the right to vote. So guess what, they can now vote for the liberals that are giving away all the free handouts!!

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Feb-21-13 6:43 AM

Those "job creators" are not interested in anything but enriching themselves even further and if that happens at the expense of the rest of the country, so be it. Those people are hiding billions of dollars illegally, and pay less taxes than some ditch diggers. Calling them "Job Creators" instead of "rich, greedy ba_tards" doesn't change the facts at all. Those "job creators" have purchased your entire government.

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Feb-21-13 6:40 AM

That's "half" the energy.

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Feb-21-13 6:40 AM

If we spent hald the energy on finding legal pathways for people to come here and work that we do arguing over what to do with ILLEGAL aliens we wouldn't be having this discussion. There are thousands of farmers who need farm laborers. there are thousands of Mexicans more than willing to do that work. So why aren't we fixing THAT one single issue, for starters!?

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Feb-20-13 11:20 AM

The smart ones that create jobs aren't wanted by the democrats. They don't vote for a nanny state.

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Feb-20-13 8:42 AM

There was an article yesterday in the Washington Post about two post-doc scientists at MIT from India.

They invented a water-decontamination system that Scientific America calls “one of the Top 10 world-changing ideas of 2012.”

The two PhDs are in the middle of closing on millions in funding in order to start their company and hire 100 people. Oil companies are interested (it could treat frack water), and China, Canada, Chile, Singapore, India and the UK are also interested.

Both want to stay and do this in the US, but are coming up against a “hard stop” with their student visas in May. And if they form a company, there’s no extension on a student visa, so their company may be forced to be formed overseas.

Contrast that situation with the millions of illegals the government wants to reward...and you can only scratch your head.

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Feb-19-13 8:08 PM

Bob what has your statement to do with anything stated here? No one is against legal immigration. Keep might even get a couple of people to bite on your "white guilt" bait. LOL

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Feb-19-13 4:43 PM

This will continue through out our nations history. It is clear there is, has been and will be a segment of our nation that refuses to understand and accept this it is, has been and will forever be a nation of immigrants. It is the strength of this nation, we are, will be and are THE saving beacon for many people. As you sit in your comfortable chair rudely blogging here you will never understand what other love about our nation, never.

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Feb-19-13 1:57 PM

Judeye, you fail to realize that all those immigrants who came here between 1820-1870 came here legally. Sure, many were discriminated against but they were here according to the laws or this country at the time. None of them came here illegally and expected anything.

Why do people believe the United States is the only country that shouldn't have Immigration Laws which protect it?

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Feb-19-13 9:55 AM

I agree with the writer 100%. It's really all about political power and votes. The immigrants of the last century didn't come to our country looking for handouts. They came here to work and provide a better future for their families. All too often the immigrants of today are looking for handouts, free housing, free food, free education, free medical and our government is saying "sure - all you have to do is vote for me". I recently met a man who moved from his hometown of Miami. I told him I have never been there and he said "if you ever go make sure you keep on driving - don't stop because it's too dangerous". How could we allow this to happen to one of Amnerica's treasures? Why would we allow foreigners to dominate our a once beautiful city? It's because our crooked politicians want it to happen for the sake of votes and it's getting to the point where the country is hardly worth saving because not enough people care.

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Feb-19-13 5:30 AM

TOM REIGELMAN, thank for you letter. Awareness is the first step. For your information this website is valuable: DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21. Com This is not a partisan issue. Very few people understand what is happening and this is by design. Again thank you for your message. I hope more will take it seriously.

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Feb-19-13 5:22 AM

This is part of the UN plan for social justice. Both President Clinton and President Bush signed on to UN Agenda 21. Lowering the American standard of living and redistributing wealth to create a massive class of poverty in the U S is easier than raising the bar to American greatness in third world countries. Google Agenda 21 and sustainability or better yet, read the GreenMask by Rosa Kiore (If you can find a copy). You can't get rid of what you don't know you've got. Read up people. Congress and the Media must support this concept and all moves in this direction because you won't hear a word about it. Not on CNN or FoxNews. We the people need to be informed and get involved.

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Feb-18-13 11:43 PM

It's not fear, prejudice or discrimination. It's actually simple economics. You cited a study that shows there is actually a surplus created by the illegals in this country. I have to to say I have a hard time believing that. Between the use of resources the public schools lose to teach ESL, add to that the added time to teach the basic subjects to these students, the cost of using the ER as a primary care physician for all these people, and just the wasted time of government offices and workers for people that are here against the law.

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Feb-18-13 11:34 PM

Judeye, I can't agree with you on this at all. The people that came into the country at that time were absolutly put in a horrible spot. The influx of people versus the number of jobs and physical housing was a nightmare from the get go. The difference between then and now is night and day. Those people walked off a boat and went through the rigors of legal immigration. And the biggest difference is these people swelled with pride and called themselves Americans the moment they stepped foot on US soil. They assimilated and had loyalty to one country. The US of A. Not a hypen American with a different nations flag flying at their home, an entitled attitude that their old county's language should be learned by Americans for their convenience, and that they shouldn't be bothered with those pesky immigration laws. And it was also before any of the social programs that some (to many) are abusing. So the dollar cost of the immigrants of the 1800's can't be compared fairly to now.

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Feb-18-13 9:22 PM

It is amazing that there are politicians and people that want to grant citizenship to illegal aliens. The term illegal usually means criminals, so that makes these people criminals for breaking the law and thus should not be given the rights of citizenship. However, we are fast becoming a country that does not believe in the rule of law.

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