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Visit: State of county? Not pretty

February 21, 2013

The Gov. Andrew Cuomo show comes to town today — without the governor. Sam Hoyt, regional president of the Empire State Development Corp., will be at the Fredonia State incubator in Dunkirk at 4 p.....

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Feb-23-13 9:03 PM

DarkStar, I think the main reason that police reports are published is to prevent "secret police" states, where they can hassle/arrest anyone for anything and not worry about anyone knowing. Yes, the number of reports of people urinating is high, but it IS a college town after all. So their name was put in the local paper? Just one thing to humiliate them a bit and make them think twice about it in the future. If no arrest reports were published, I'd be nervous.

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Feb-22-13 9:20 PM

The ignorant runs rampant, if anybody actual believes that this administration wants to save and encourage private sector jobs either are extremely naive or has just moved into the area. This county was a mecca of business and jobs and over the last fifty years the state has methodically step by step destroyed it and replaced it with larger government and entitlement population. Just start listing the business that have left or folded in this area and it is mind boggling.

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Feb-22-13 6:20 PM

Agree with w-l-d. And maybe Chau Cty should petition the UN to become an "independent nation" and then get some of that foreign aid going to places that don't even like the US...

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Feb-22-13 5:12 PM

The huge problem is the taxes in the area. There are skilled people coming out of the schools around here, but no business is going to start up in this atmosphere of strangling taxes. They are graduating and leaving the county.

Ever look around and wonder why there is NO new construction when it comes to homes (other than for welfare housing). Its all older homes being bought and sold. No new subdivisions in Chautauqua county like there is in other states. No growth at all. Its stagnant and dying. And those of us that are skilled and want to be a successful part of a community know that this is never going to be a decent place to live with the way the taxes are here. I would NEVER buy a home here, and I'm leaving for the south this spring. I know many that are.

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Feb-22-13 3:26 PM


They might have an easier time if their "investigative reporting" went beyond listing everyone caught peeing in the bushes in Fredonia.

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Feb-22-13 10:04 AM

Dcronlg Do you mean that also for msnbc, ny times, huff post and the other left wing media who never tell the truth when a lie does so much more.

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Feb-22-13 9:01 AM

DCRONIG - have you ever wondered what our area would be like without the OBSERVER? For our size community we are lucky to have a newspaper. Can you imagine what it must be like trying to get advertisers in an area that is dying? As for the business incubator I see it as a failure and another waste of taxpayer dollars. How many new jobs have been created there? The millions spent of the incubator should have been given to the remaining local industry with a stipulation that they must invest in expansion and create new jobs.

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Feb-22-13 7:50 AM


Oh don't get me wrong, I was not by any means defending the Observer, as they most just regurgitate other people's stories or things they have been told.

They have lots of writers but I don't think I've seen anyone worthy of being called a reporter since they never seen to bother to look into the information they are told or that is dropped in their laps.

As for your "lack of patience" the problem with it is that behavior like that doesn't encourage debate on the subject and in fact actually discourages it, which is why I take issue with it (and yes I know, I am guilty of the same thing on occasion, but I try and catch myself and back off at those times.)

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Feb-21-13 8:37 PM

Face it. The area is declining. Many reasons, however the Observer is correct. If an area of the state was in poor condition a caring state government would marshal some resources to correct the situation if it was possible to do so. The ink d bater was cheering the fact that a college official from out of state was creating jobs in other parts of the country. Hardly a plus for the program in terms of Dunkirk.

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Feb-21-13 5:13 PM

Dstar: The OBSERVER is the fourth estate in our democratic experiment. They have both a fiduciary and ethical obligation to keep the public informed.

If they willingly -- and militantly so -- being deliberate in misinforming the public and their readership, especially in such economic times, then we, the readers are obligated to call them on it, ad naseum, if need be, in any manner we see fit.

Clearly, as the nose on your face, they are lazy -- they did not even read the reports of which I speak. If they DID read them, then they would know how foolish they are to have said the things they did in this editorial.

I find zero patience for polite behavior when dealing with an musty-smelling ideology of deliberate, intentional ignorance.

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Feb-21-13 12:31 PM

As someone who has done a lot of hiring, for skilled and unskilled positions I can tell you the main issue we have with filling those positions, and keeping them filled.

There really are two issues, but they are very connected. First is that people in the area tend to have an entitlement mindset and the second is they also have poor work ethics.

We have the most lenient attendance policy I've ever heard of and yet we still have people pointing out fairly regularly and the work here isn't hard, but you are expected to work, and the environment is clean, dry and temperate.

We could train everyone to be electrical engineers but if they don't show up to work everything else is meaningless.

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Feb-21-13 12:18 PM

And here comes Dcronlg, with his usual "class and charm" to spew insults and bile toward anyone who dare state anything he disagrees with.

You and steiner really seem to be made for each other, you could spit venom back and forth all you wanted without having to subject the rest of us to your obnoxious behavior.

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Feb-21-13 11:56 AM

Well, after a couple of decent well-thought editorials (now determined to have be written from outsiders...), the church ladies gaggle clueless OBSERVER board came back from vacation and gave us this beauty of ignorance.

If they have read Ralcorp's annual reports (online btw...), then they would have realized that there was close-to-zero Cuomo could have done to keep the local facilities open.

If they read the WNY Regional Council Economic Report (online again...65 pgs...lots of pictures and numbers...), AND the BuffaloBillion report, then they would realize just how stupidly incorrect their "more money for public and non-profit sectors than boosting the private sector" claim is.

This county's private and public leadership were at these tables at all of these meetings, you dopes. It's not the governor, its this county's leadership at the heart of the problem.

If there an embarrassment, its the gaggle opening the collective ignorant yaps.

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Feb-21-13 10:14 AM

If we have a demand for trades workers, skilled labor as they say, then why aren't all of these manufacturers interviewing the graduating classes at BOCES? Welding was mentioned; well guess what, BOCES has welding! They also have heavy equipment operators, construction trades and auto mechanics. Somebody isn't connecting the dots for sure.

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Feb-21-13 10:10 AM

The Incubator is a joke!!

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Feb-21-13 8:02 AM

Oh..sorry...that was CEO of our CC Chamber of Commerce. He said in a public meeting that there are jobs here...just not the trained workers needed to fill them.

Why is it then so difficult then to connect the dots? We can develop and implement intensive training programs to fill those needs.

I know years ago when I was working, local employers told us they needed trained welders. In partnership with JCC we developed an intensive welding training program to meet those needs. Following that training program we helped them secure jobs with local companies, the placement rate was very high if not 100%. I see many of those same people the same field..welding. It works!

Let us do it again. It is a win win win situation. Invest in our people. It is a great investment, one that will pay us back with workers earning more so less reliance on public aid, workers paying taxes, employers growing their businesses, and everyone a huge WINNER.

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Feb-21-13 7:53 AM

Let us push them to care more then.

Why not use our local resources of the colleges and incubator to help train for those jobs that employers state are difficult to find skilled people to fill? Let us be the leader in some high tech fields. We have the resources..let us start to train people for good paying jobs. If those companies really are having a hard time finding skilled workers they will come here if we can provide them with workers trained in the skills they are looking for.

The CEO stated that employers already here in our county are having difficulty filling some of the high skilled jobs. what are those jobs? Why are we not launching a huge training program to train people in those skills that the employers are seeking?

Many options...just have to start thinking of how to solve the problem rather than just continue to complain about the lack of jobs. Let us DO something.

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Feb-21-13 7:23 AM

You can expect more of the same. Albany doesn't give a rat's petuity about this area.

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