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Call me maybe

County residents get calls from CSEA

February 27, 2013

The County Legislature will once again be discussing the Chautauqua County Home tonight — and, if residents didn’t know it before, they may have received a phone call letting them know....

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Feb-27-13 8:30 PM's an outrage to change a law keeping a losing proposition open, but perfectly allright to unconstitutionally ban scores of models of firearms because you think it's ok? Is that what I'm getting, here? I just want to make sure I've got this right.

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Feb-27-13 7:51 PM

If the current law is preventing the majority from doing what they want, just change it, right? To those who agree w/this manuever, I hope it backfires on you/them someday.

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Feb-27-13 12:48 PM

Sell the County Home to a purchaser willing to hire the employees at the same rate of pay and whose nursing homes he had direct oversight over a all rated higher than the Chaut Co home. The only reason the CCH is rated one star is they are above average in staffing!?

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Feb-27-13 11:16 AM

I received one of these calls and promptly hung up!! Why is anyone surprised that these calls are coming from CSEA members. They are the ones spreading all the lies and dirt on Avi. There is proof that he runs good nursing homes. Good luck to Greg tonight getting the vote changed. My legislator is against selling and the decisions he has made all year have lost my vote for him. Just because Judeye says it's true doesn't make it true. It's mentality and lack of business intelligence like hers that puts us in the shape we are in. Sell the Home for the good of everyone!!!!

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Feb-27-13 9:41 AM

SELL THE HOME!!!! gET OUR GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE PRIVATE BUSINESSES. All you supporters want is a feal ride. Get an education, work hard, save and you won't have to depend on the government for anything. CSEA is a greedy union that believes it deserves all it can get with little effort. They only have their employees and themselves in mind. Sell the Home...

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Feb-27-13 8:57 AM

One day it's being sold. The next day it is not. Is it any wonder no business wants to come to come here. Either sell it or keep it. What are the legislators trying to do emulate Obama?

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Feb-27-13 8:13 AM

Chuck..I so AGREE.

Beyond my own personal support for the HOME to remain county owned and operated, I take great offense to our legislators trying to change a law because the old one did not work in their favor.

Makes me think of my young grandchildren, who at times if losing in a game we are playing, try to change the rules.

Is this what we want to teach our children? Is this how we want our elected officials to act? Do not like the outcome of a vote...NO worry...just change the laws..and keep on voting until you get the result you want.

All of us...even if you favor the sale of the HOME...should be outraged at the conduct of our legislation for trying to do this. Let us all tell them loud and clearly this is UNACCEPTABLE to the people of this county.

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Feb-27-13 8:08 AM

I did not get one of these calls. Nor would I like to get one. Yet I am in full support of maintaining the county home owned and operated by the County.

I had a hard time understanding where anyone was getting the $9,000 a day loss figure that we keep hearing repeated over and over again. By many in our county and it seems primarily for political reasons. Someone just pointed out to me that some in our county are adding what we give (around $500,000) to get back the IGT money (around a million and a half) add them together and divide by 365 days.


No wonder the report from CRG clearly states that WE THE PEOPLE are being MISLEAD about the actual costs of operating the HOME. In fact, with the IGT funds the HOME operates on a SURPLUS of about $100,000 a year.

Take away state and federal money from any of the agencies (such as our schools,roads, etc) and they ALL WOULD operate at a loss using this phony accounting tricks.

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Feb-27-13 7:00 AM

If my legislator votes in favor of changing the existing law, then he looses my vote at election -- and previously I've always voted for him.

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Feb-27-13 6:13 AM

There's such a thing as a do not call list that they'reprobably violating. Making them suseptible to a nice fine.

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Feb-27-13 2:30 AM

rosebud....Do you get pisssed off at election time when the phone calls come looking for votes?.Just sayin..

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Feb-27-13 1:53 AM

You want to Pi ss me off, call me like that. I'll vote against you just because I hate those calls... And I did get one. If the csea would keep out of it, there would be a better chance of keeping the Home.. It's the Unions that are causing most of the problems today !!! THEY DEMAND TO MUCH !!! Our Schools are going down the drains because of all the demands of the unions.. They are ruining our country..

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