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Plenty of ‘shame’ to go around

March 7, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce President Todd Tranum exhibited a terrific tantrum in his lengthy diatribe (Feb. 24)....

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Mar-13-13 12:15 AM

I'm curious. When was the well drilled? Was it after petroleum / gas prices were going nuts a few years ago? was the initial assessment made that it would create x amount of dollars/day before the natural gas price fell through the floor? If so, then that would explain the existence of the well. Usually, when petroleum prices decline, gas prices increase, as one market feeds off the other. While it would seem like they would run parallel, they often don't. It is entirely possible the decision to drill a gas well was highly impulsive, explaining its existence.

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Mar-11-13 7:54 AM

I don't think the issue of the gas well was one of conspiracy, since it could have simply never been drilled if that was the case, and anyone who thinks the $400k would still be available is seriously deluded.

Instead I think it's simply a matter of incompetence and not fully researching an idea before implimenting it.

On it's surface the idea of the gas well seems like a good idea, but as it was reported months ago if the well is used medicaid/medicare reimbursements would drop due to the decreased utility costs.

Now I do have to wonder why the CH hasn't either sold the well to the County, or just sold the gas to National fuel?

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Mar-11-13 7:48 AM


Okay so the county is run my dishonest and incompetent people, and yet you claim we should keep them running the County Home?

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Mar-08-13 6:04 PM

It's too bad that like most Republicans who stand for fiscal responsibility and conservative economic principles, CARLAW obviously does not! Nor does she stand for right sizing County Gov, nor does she stand for bringing the public sector in line with the private sector, as thanks to the overly powerful special interest groups that are the public sector unions, doing so is seriously needed and a major part of the problem. And why is her attitude as such one might ask? Well when you're a NYSUT member and collecting a 54k/year pension, and NYSUT is tied in with, and has been supporting the CSEA,and they have been on the home, apparently the self interest trumps the bigger picture of whats best for the county, the taxpayer, and good government practices! So does CARLAW really represent the County Republicans or is she just an irritating thorn in their side (like her pal Mr Duff)?

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Mar-08-13 4:40 PM

"The gas well has been beat to death, and it's behind us"????

Any chance that Edwards, Hellwig and others were behind it? Any chance the home was deliberately mismanaged so support to sell it would grow? Why did Edwards & Hellwig refuse to impliment cost-saving measures that were recommended by CGR over 3 yrs ago?

If CCH still had the $400+K it cost to drill the gas well in its reserve acct, and the cost-saving measures were enacted, I think it's safe to say the CCLeg would've never even considered Edwards' obession to sell CCH. He's long held the belief that selling CCH will raise a large sum of cash quickly, using the proceeds to avert a major tax hike, thus helping him w/his political aspirations.

...but let's not dwell on this, it's behind us.

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Mar-08-13 12:28 PM

Judeye=Broken record

Machine guns,gas well,$9000/day,Why such a sad state of affairs,I keep electing the same people and expect things to change.

Machine guns,gas well,$9000/day,Why such a sad state of affairs,I keep electing the same people and expect things to change.

Machine guns,gas well,$9000/day,Why such a sad state of affairs,I keep electing the same people and expect things to change.

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Mar-08-13 8:24 AM


The gas well has been beat to death, and it's behind us. I'm not worried about what my taxes were 2 years ago, but I am concerned on what they will be this year and every year going forward.

Considering the medicare/medicaid reimbursement issue the gas well caused I would question why it was dug in the first place, and once dug and the issue was found why it wasn't "sold" to the county or someone else.

Ironically, while you are still locked onto the gas well like a pitbull you still support allowing the same incompetent people who were behind the drilling, and not using, the gas well, to continue to run the County Home.

Basically you, and many who support keeping the home, keep posting "The people running the County and the Home are idiots, but we need to let them continue to operate the home."

How does that make sense?

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Mar-07-13 5:43 PM much do you think that gas well cost us? Any idea?

Why are we not all screaming about that? Never I think it was ALL a waste of MY and YOUR money.

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Mar-07-13 8:19 AM

Yes judeye we know, the way you look at it the home could get a hundred million dollar in tax subsidies on the backs on taxpayers and as long as they have a penny of it left at the end of the year they would, if your view, be profitable.

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Mar-07-13 7:52 AM

I am still waiting for him to return my call.

I called after he spoke at the legislators meeting last week, in favor of selling the County Home. He used the figure of the HOME losing $9,000 a day. As I have reviewed the budget and could not find this figure..and the report from the CGR clearly and specifically disputes this figure...I wanted to know exactly where he got it so I could review the same document.

No return call.

My other question was what jobs and skills is he referring to when he states that there are some 250+ unfilled jobs in this county due to the lack of skilled workers. To me this is easy...what skills do they need?...then let us develop a training program for those skills. We have done it many times in the past with EXCELLENT results. Win win situation..where the employers get workers with the skills they need ..and people get jobs that they need.

Great return on our investment.

Wonder why he has not answered?

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Mar-07-13 4:25 AM

I totally agree with the letter writer! These self promoters are part of the problem, not the solution.

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