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Congress: Reps must know the issues

August 5, 2013

To be fair, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed was not quick to catch on to the seriousness of the need to repower the NRG Energy Inc. plant in Dunkir....

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Aug-06-13 3:53 PM

politics 101:you take care of those that butter your bread, this area is dry stale toast to Reed

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Aug-06-13 11:59 AM

Maybe we could just power the plant with all the hot air that comes out of Albany and Washington - - Lord knows there's a 24/7 endless supply...

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Aug-06-13 10:18 AM

Although Congressman Reed supported the hydropower line to New York City, he has also strongly supported the NRG repowering option. Indeed, after NRG submitted its proposal to the PSC, Congressman Reed promptly sent the PSC a very strong letter of support. He has also held press conferences to support the project and to urge residents to attend the public hearing and to send their letters of support to the PSC. He obviously understands its importance. Unfortunately, Ms. Robertson has not taken the time to understand this issue before issuing her press release, which is a disservice to all of us.

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Aug-06-13 9:07 AM

Maybe we should be burning the thousands of tons of combustible trash that we send to the county landfill.

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Aug-06-13 8:40 AM

judeye, for your unscience mind. To limit greengouse gas of which CO2 is not, ask any analytical chemist, one would have to limit water vapor too. If you believe , wrongly about co2, then to limit that is to declare war on life on the planet. It is abortions on a vast scale, worthy of a progresssive liberal like yourself. I have said and written science here. The infra red absortion of Co2, vs water and methane. If you worry about methane , then water too must be considered. this is absurd as it is a water planet. You are hopelessly confused.This is science judeye, not your stuff aboiut greenenergy. If co2 is not green, then what is ? Jusdeye, you believe in junk science. Chemists like myself and others know co2 heat absorber is a myth and junk. You believe a lie.

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Aug-06-13 8:10 AM

judeye, only the first 3 letters of tor are bad. Now answer the question. do you consider windmills 24/7 ? they need a back up like a repower. please show us your vast knowledge !

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Aug-06-13 8:09 AM

judeye gets it wrong again. There is not enough biomass on the planet to burn for power. judeye is in the stone age, like all activists over co2 emissions. judeye, science fact for you. If you are concerned over methane from gas wells as a heat absorber, you must be concerned about water vapor as well. It is a huge green house gas judeye.All burning , whether bio mass or hydrocarbons will produce water vapor. ever boil water judeye?Judeye, once again you show your complete and utter lack of any science knowledge. Why is that ? Saving the planet ? So judeye, you have never answered this question. Do you consider windmills to be working 24/7 when the average is only 33% pf the time ? judeye, I say again, you know nothing of science or technology, thats a democrat.

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Aug-06-13 7:40 AM

Commentor is a bad word?

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Aug-06-13 7:39 AM

NRG did not explain the REASONS why they dropped their contract to do biomass. It was here.****mentor's...who explained it. Wonder why they did not come out from the start to tell the public that they had in fact looked at alternative sources, tried to implement them but found at this particular plant they could not do so effectively?

I hope we all are supporting trying to find alternative energy solutions for energy. Just came back from finger lakes, where we passed several wind farms!

Rep Reed just voted to prevent EPA from limiting greenhouse emissions. Wonder if the donations to his campaign by oil and gas industry had anything to do with his vote? Or is he really this ignorant of scientific facts on climate change and the connection with greenhouse gases and global warming?

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Aug-05-13 9:32 PM

Look Rep Reed being a intelligent man should have been on top of this so he made a mistake. Ms Robertson on the other hand is well shall we say not the brightest bulb in the closet so we'll excuse her.

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Aug-05-13 9:29 PM

As the people of the western part of Tom Reed's district get to know his opponent, Martha Robertson, they will learn that taking a position to do something without factual support or which has failed is not uncommon for her. Robertson got the shoulders of her own road painted green to slow traffic at a cost of 17,000 for one mile despite no evidence it slows traffic. Now a study has been done and shows no significant change in speed. Robertson still favored spending money on more green shoulder road projects. She doesn't learn.

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Aug-05-13 1:14 PM

So you endorse someone who is not smart enough to not suggest something that has been tried and failed?????

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Aug-05-13 11:26 AM

From the Lansing Star:(Robertson) "...argued strongly to keep the plant open, then offered a solution she advocated as practical that would bring the conversion online sooner in a way that is not threatened as much by rising and falling gas or coal prices. Win-win." - The Lansing Star Online

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Aug-05-13 11:19 AM

Martha was asking the Power Authority to look at other options--to think outside the box so to speak. She gave a creditble explanation on the benefits of combining bio-mass with coal. It ws done during the opinion cycle of the study. You need to rrealize that there another plant on Cayuga Lake, not far from Ithaca so people in both parts of the district are concerned. Reed, according to his website, mentions no alternative than Natural Gas (from whom he received over $80,000 in campaiugn funds last year) and metions nothing about the effects on the environment. One candidate is trying to look for answers, the other wants to support the PACs that supports him. Which do we really want?

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Aug-05-13 9:23 AM

Mr. Reed would need a GPS just to find Dunkirk. Of course he had no trouble finding Iasrael when he was offered a free trip by the Iseaeli lobbyists. The bottom line is this -anytime you have an opportunity for a $500 million private sector investment in your community, there should be zero (0) resistance. We beg new industry to come to New York State but we don't know enough to take care of the industry that is already here.

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Aug-05-13 8:47 AM

cronig you did it again ! again you post nothing but flowery language . are you mentally challenged ? we are to vote for a woman or lib who knows even less than reed? you libs really are stupid.. You yourself said spending that much money was stupid to repower the plant. If nate was against fracking as I think he was, he is for and against something, natural gas at the same time. Just like Obama for and against keystone. You libs are mentally ill for sure.martha knows nothing at what it akes to keep your civilization runnning. Nothing about what goes on behind the gas pumps, heating her house, all the chemical stuff in store. She is running for office ! Might as well elect carrrie nation, for that is all Martha is.

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Aug-05-13 8:42 AM

crumbig say nothing over and over. Thinks he is smart. hey cronig tell me where I am wrong, quote facts instead of just making statements. your statement making ability is part of that liberal largess , no ?the wood chip to europe is true. womaen lag in science, also true. where am I wrong crumbig ? you keep forgetting you bought my stuff in store. Climate change is a myth. crumbig, help us out here.

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Aug-05-13 8:39 AM

What is worse? The opposing candidate, 1 1/2 yrs from election, not getting the issue or an incumbent 2-term congressman, running for re-election, not getting the issue?

It's shameful to even qualify, as in "to be fair...", about Fat Uncle Fester Reed's ignorance on this matter. There's nothing to be fair about our congressman's ignorance about his constituents' fears with NRG. Any 4-H'er would know, you can't put lipstick on a pig, even post-lap band surgery...

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Aug-05-13 8:31 AM

Steinerdzzz...I'm confident YOU are in no position to call any one mentally ill...

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Aug-05-13 8:11 AM

Was not Nate against fracking ? i am sure he was. Another democratic woman, Martha, is proposing bio mass. You keep giving fodder to Steiners position that women and especially democratic ones are science clueless. we are already shipping bio mass, wood chips to Europe, so they can fight the fantasy war agains carbon. They have laws restricting tree cutting. In America we do not for the most part.Hypocrites those libs. the libs have put us into hysteria over fossil fuels and carbon, for no reason , other than the libs are mentally ill.

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Aug-05-13 7:57 AM

You beat me to it Marcia, I was going to make the same comment.

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Aug-05-13 7:47 AM

And yet you endorsed Reed. Were you doing what was best for the area?

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