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Rocking the educational boat

September 9, 2013

The recent OBSERVER articles about test results from schools in both Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties were interesting to say the least, even enlightening in some respects....

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Sep-13-13 8:48 AM



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Sep-11-13 9:22 AM

Is it just me, or do einsteiner’s posts remind you of something Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, might write?

After all, they’re both “bombastic.”


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Sep-11-13 9:18 AM

Oh, no! Alcoa, a Dow component for 54 years, has just been dropped from the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

I told you! I told you not to let the auto-shipment lapse for your monthly allotment of tin foil for your caps! Now what are you going to do?

Alcoa’s statement: "The composition of the Dow Jones Industrial Average has no impact on Alcoa's ability to successfully execute our strategy, and we remain focused on delivering shareholder value. We will stand by and never forget the loyal of customers like Steiner.”

(Okay, that last sentence may have been a bit garbled on the conference call, but I think that’s an accurate rendering.)

So...when will this livesaving device be available to those suffering from cancer?

Oh, that's right, I forgot - steinermirage...

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Sep-11-13 8:58 AM

now dk, i want you to keep on posting. To show that you lack any understanding of the fundamentals of science. medical science believes the cell is the unit of life. It is not.they are flat earth beyond belief.the libs believe, believe in CO2 as the foundation of all things. both have not of yet grafted the famous 2 slit experiment into medicine and life. they are clueless and dont understand what feynman said about that experiment.i have said over and over, ignored, scoffed, mocked by the posters here, the great debate over the heisenberg uncertainty world, wave vs particle and the newtonian world we live in. the libs live in the pre physics world, the newtonian world. So do you dk, pr and all the libs. The ancients did not live in the newtonian world exclusively. They knew of the strong force world. Many of their carvings show this. their magnificent buildings in stone also. the libs and their unions are making us dumb for no reason other than control.

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Sep-11-13 8:36 AM

special for pr and dk. hey pr, you only attacked my grammar etc. you produced not one actual refutation. Cant think ? i already knew that . Now dk gives no indication how we got two of the major medical advances, anasthesia and anti septic technique. The big medical people fought these. It was people outside of them that forced the issue. Some women, wrong as usual actually fought anasthesia ! In the mean time , untold thousands suffered severe pain and even death due to infection. Now dk, from WSJ, clinical trials and their conflicting results. From 30 - 50% of them are supect due to contaminated samples, technique and cherry picked data.if the medical people periodically fight homeopathy as there really are no drugs in many of the preps, then they will fight the steinertron work . There are no chemicals. Just pure energy , already present in the environment, but very difficult to detect, unless you have a machine. A dk, you and pr show no knowledge of history at all

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Sep-11-13 8:16 AM

dk and pr , unlearned as ever keep posting. hey posters, on gun issues, the first thing mentioned is the gun lobby, followed by comments such as greed and corporations ! Paul misses that on education when he neglects to mention the control the libs have on education. i mentioned how libs fight vouchers and how holder is suing senior govt people use private schools cuz they can afford them. the average taxpayer cannot. The libs gloss over this. Why and how do you miss this libs? Paul confirms libs mimic. he says thats what they do in industrialized countries. ! Libs cannot think for themselves. This alone is enough to sink govt control of education. But follow the money and it leads right to democratic coffers and union to boot. Unions and democrats need ignorant people to function. thats why we have the educational mess we have.

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Sep-10-13 11:31 AM

“The steinertron invention is equal to teslas rotating magnetic field discovery.” It also, according to its “inventor,” increase gas mileage 25% AND cures some forms of cancer.

“pr, you like dk cannnot think creatively.” I agree completely (for my part) because I could never be creative or smart enough to invent something that increases mileage AND cures cancer.

I can’t wait to hear the results of the clinical trials and the worldwide news about when that life-saving device will be available! Because it saves lives and ends suffering, you certainly wouldn’t selfishly keep it to yourself, would you?

What? “Steinermirage?” Oh...

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Sep-10-13 9:28 AM

Steiner, when you can write a thought with proper sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar, I'll believe you're as smart as you say you are. Until then, I'm going to have to assume that you, like your ramblings, are moronic and incoherent.

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Sep-10-13 9:23 AM

phil got it right. Who has made americans so stupid? the libs. the libs with their constant attacks on western civilization and religion. The libs with their you did not build that. Who did build that libs ?the govt ? Nope. The gals for sure fell for it as witnessed by out of wedlock births. Gals are prone to nervous disorders.Fact from TV and books, by gals themselves. it was the curious european who made america. Libs got rid of that in 1965 immigration act, all done by libs. we are seeing the fruits of 50 years of attack on society by liberals and i am called moronic.Pr proves againa and again, you can only agree with the libs. Christopher too. he has called me bipolar. Christopher does not know science or history or what life really turns on. thats why they are so sure of themselves.

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Sep-10-13 9:15 AM

hey pr, the libs have made you so ignorant, you could only muster a L M F comment.You sure are smart pr. The steinertron invention is equal to teslas rotating magnetic field discovery. that drives all of the worlds motors, pr.All of civilization.I am sure it would have been discovered sooner if the libs and their adamant, steadfast refusal of choice in education plus its skyrocketing cost prevented it. who runs the colleges, liberals. See the proffessor book. pr, you like dk cannnot think creatively. my mothers basement. It was my parents who encouraged me to read books. I have a personal library of over 2000.tell me how moronic i am pr. learned liberals like paul and the rest always seek to avoid blame for the mess they made. they have done a good job just by name calling. Like you pr. Name calling aint science.

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Sep-10-13 9:07 AM

STEINER is right about the out of wed-lock births. All we need to do is read the birth announcements in THE OBSERVER to realize that the majority of births in Dunkirk are out of wed-lock. The fact is that in the black community the birth rate for single mothers is 73% while in the white community it is over 50%. What ever happened to morality and values? What chance do those kids have for a normal and productive education and life when they are either on welfare or have no father in the home? Have you noticed the sparce attendance in churches lately? Maybe our society could use a heavy dose of morality! This problem is not limited to Dunkirk. Shame on Americans for being so stupid.

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Sep-10-13 9:04 AM

hey pr, if you are so smart, how do you miss that its the libs controlling education ? Its the libs that altered society starting with the 1960s riots in the cities.Its the libs behind the skyrocketing out of wedlock births. Its the libs who send their kids to private schools and deny that to others. where am I wrong on this ?. As for women, they are totally confused if the posts here are accurate. I have said over and over. men have done all the earth changing science and business.Historical facts denied by the libs. You support a system whose sole intent is to perpetuate the system and make one not even ignorant, but stupid. I am wrong for being against this ? tell me where i am wrong.

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Sep-10-13 8:57 AM

the libs missed that virtually every govt person in DC sends their kids to private schools. But they fight the same thing for their constituents. Another good example of wanting to be a bum. In Brooklyn a person of color said i hate white folks and attacked a 62 year old one. This guy later died. Welfare bums again, out of wedlock births are a sure ticket to poverty and welfare. they have skyrocketed in the city folk. How is it you learned libs miss al this ? Is it al about the kids or control of them by those dumb, democratic union the heart of every problem, there is a liberal denying they did it.

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Sep-10-13 8:53 AM

You now are back to having, I'm assuming, NO allies on this board. I refuse to back you up. You just "ate one of your own" so to speak and lost a potential ally. Go back to mom's basement and save the world with your Steinertron.

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Sep-10-13 8:52 AM

Those *'s were for L M F A O.

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Sep-10-13 8:51 AM

Steiner, you're a first-class moron. The same tired rant every single time. Every other poster on this board knows I'm as conservative as they come, many of them disagree with me almost all the time. It's just that they also know I read each piece, understand the issue, and voice my opinion ON THE ISSUE, whether they like it or not.

You turn every column into a rant on women and liberals. Look, I like to rant about liberals as much as the next guy, but you either didn't read Paul's column, or you refused to comprehend what he was getting at. It was a good column that outlined just a fraction of the myriad of issues with the education system in America.

Get over yourself. I can't even read your comments anymore. We could probably agree on 98% of every subject but you ruin the conversation with the same tired, hollow BS every time you activate your keyboard. Steinertron. *****.

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Sep-10-13 8:30 AM

judeye, you got it wrong again. On PBS i have seen where young inner city males,the guys who do all the violence cant wait to get in gangs or even do a crime. we want to be a bum !the no snitch rule is proof. Dont say anything as we want to be criminals and bums. If you do we will retaliate . we love being a bum . In WSJ, there was an article about how a bulldozer maker is trying self driving dozers as they cant get anyone learned enough to drive a dozer. but the system produces many murders, welfare bums and its the gun lobbies fault. How did ya liberals miss all this ? saving the planet ? judeye, you are for choice, i never see you advocating vouchers,just abortions. Does choice stop at the private parts ? The libs are fascinated by them.

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Sep-10-13 8:25 AM

I would like to know why they did away with the Industrial high school and what we need to bring it back.

Many students would like to pursue vocational trades that require training. A bridge between the school training and apprenticeships, work placement, or further vocational training should be in place.

No student should be able to graduate without knowing how to write a check, how to calculate interest (amazed how many do not understand true cost of buying something from rent to own), make a budget, know LIFE SKILLS.

By the way...I do not think I could pass that 8th grade test!! How many of you have looked it over? Yikes some of the things I have never even heard of ha ha

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Sep-10-13 8:17 AM

BOCES is NOT an option for every student due to cost. School districts "buy" so many 'slots' each year. So , say Dunkirk bought 20 'slots' and your child is the 21 child who would like to go to learn auto mechanics, you are out of luck. To me that is a disgrace. Rather than choosing what is best for the student, money is dictating their education.

I worked with many 'troubled' youth in our area. I cannot relate the issues and trauma that many of them had to go through at their young ages. Many of my adult friends have never had to deal with such issues, such as trying to figure out how to feed your younger brothers and sisters when you parents were too stoned or drunk to do so, having to sit outside doing your homework and watching your siblings as your mom worked her second night time job as she did not have enough money to pay for a sitter, etc

By the way not ONE of them had a goal of growing up to be a welfare bum.

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Sep-10-13 8:10 AM

phil gets it right. Moral decay can be laid at the feet of the libs. If it feels good do started in the 60's. for the city folk the decay started after brown vs board of education. thats when city folk began to out number white folk in prison. pr says its the total system. hey pr, home schooling is fought fiercely and so are vouchers. the sytem is the govt and thats liberal and union. What part of that dont ya get pr ? need a govt grant ? Cronig wants the european model, where kids are professional students and unemployment is high. follow the money and it leads to lberals. And these same people call the oil companies greedy. Wow, you libs need an education. How did you libs get to be so infatuated with yourselves and the govt ? its the money and it leads to liberals as the govt takes a huge bite out of us and its getting bigger.

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Sep-10-13 8:00 AM

hey pr, for the democrats and the govt to escape any blame for the educational system and the effect it is having on the inner city folks is like saying BP is not responsible for the oil spill in the gulf a few years ago.I find it very amusing that i am called hollow, ignorant,etc after reading so much and doing so much in the chemical industry. tell us learned libs, if not you , then who is responsible for the poor results ? Any attempt at choice in schools via vouchers is ignored over and over. Indeed Holder is suing Louisiana over its voucher system. He claims it is causing segregation. In reality he just wants to make more democrats or rather dumbacrats. The old fashioned way, like Hitker and his liebensborn program, from kids.libs where are your screams for choice ?

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Sep-09-13 11:01 PM

You know DK, there used to be a saying that the US was always ten years behind Europe in many areas...let's hope its true with our educational system.

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Sep-09-13 3:12 PM

Yeah, but someone's gonna need to repair those robots. Oh, wait - it'll be OTHER robots! :-)

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Sep-09-13 1:58 PM

The bigger question is what will education be in the future. Computers and robots are replacing humans in the work world. Jobs are fewer and fewer because they are being performed by robots.

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Sep-09-13 11:23 AM

It's all about the kids, DarkStar.. all about the kids.


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