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Employment: ‘Stimulus’ led to little growth

September 13, 2013

President Barack Obama likes to boast that trillions of dollars in “stimulus” spending of various types has put more Americans back to work. It has not....

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Sep-18-13 9:11 AM

Only one question is important: Are you better off than you were 2 years ago? If yes fine. BO's ideas worked. If not then you have a problem. How many Americans can say yes is most important.

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Sep-17-13 2:30 PM

"steinertron work" is that another term for moron?

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Sep-17-13 7:47 AM

Now the one thing that is working , is yielding up wealth for the property owners is fracking.The libs are starting a new war on this as the cheap gas sinks the so called green energy. Green energy is neither 24/7 or cheap. Success to a liberal. Libs were all for gas as long as it was expensive. when private enterprise made it cheap , the libs went into a tizzy.Now for the gals, the LWV's against carbon , gas and other necessities of life joins the fray with concerns about coal. Hey gals, you are wrong again. Steiner pulled the rug out from under you with his steinertron work. You prove over and over gals that gals and science dont mix.please continue . I saw the letter to editor about beyond coal and the LWV are behind that. Once again you gals show no knowledge of science, foundational science or even analytical chemistry.but thats an activist woman. wrong every time.

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Sep-16-13 12:14 PM


You overlook the reality that the ACA is supposed to fail and cause all sorts of hardships so as to allow the leftists to continue in their push for a government takeover of healthcare.

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Sep-16-13 8:14 AM

Also from TV talk shows. obamacare, who is the biggest detractor and wants it repealed ?The repubs , no. It is the AFL-CIO. they want that monstrosity repealed. It will destroy labor they say.Of course it will. thats what FDR did in the 30's. Repubs should just sit back and watch the libs fight over the ACA.It will implode. Success will be said from judeeye, cronig and all the other unlearned libs.somehow they miss big labors opposition to ACA, cherry picking again.

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Sep-16-13 8:09 AM

hey unlearned liberals, especially phil, crumbug and judeye. From PBS, is that right wing, hate filled speech libs ? From PBS , a special on the economy they said the recovery is lackluster at best. The high growth areas , service and restaurant are low pay. High pay jobs gone. labor unparticipation at all time high . In short the economy is just barley going. Success say the liberals. Just like the great depression ! Stimulus worked FDR claimed.any wonder all of europe is in the doldrums but the far east is doing great ? Find a liberal and they are the problem. Institutionalize all liberals.

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Sep-15-13 8:50 PM

Lets not forget that imported workers and seniors who have come out of retirement are all working at various jobs. PS:Don't forget to stop in at the NEW Cabelas that is now being built in Buffalo !-Whoa!!!

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Sep-15-13 3:47 PM

Overtime Overtime and more Overtime ,The facts are real , OVERTIME and even DOUBLES are the norm for American workers,I have the pay stubs to prove it !, Will Poultry of Buffalo needs Drivers ASAP !- Tea Baggers put down the KOOL AID ! RR was bad g"W"b was worse.Christie or Mike Wannabee are not the answer !

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Sep-15-13 10:18 AM

STEINER - You are ignoring the fact that the depression was the result of the stock market crash and bank failures all occuring during a Republican administration. This country is far too hung up on politics - Democrat versus Republican - liberal versus conservastive. No one represents middle ground and common sense values anymore.

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Sep-15-13 9:00 AM

hey phil, you are confused as usual. FDR and the libs took control of the govt from 32-36. A democrat prez till 52.Ike called all this in 52, democratic bumbledom. we had the worlds greatest depression.the various stimulus programs aka the new deal did not work. of course the libs under obama tried that in 08. did not work either. I wondered how the great depression went on for so long. The libs did it. every democratic attempt via new deal failed. FDR even bashed business leaders like obama does now. The darkest time in america and who is at the helm ? Dumbacrats. Even Christophers unions were striking in the 30's vowing to make the great depression worse !they succeeded. Truman scared it would return after war ! thats how good the libs wrecked america !

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Sep-14-13 6:35 PM

Tell us Judeye what the President has done,not promised,but has done that has improved the lifestyle of middle class America? Why is it you don't like the drones,would you rather we have boots on the ground to get those rats?

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Sep-14-13 8:49 AM

STEINER - just for the record Hoover was elected in 1928 and the depression started in October, 1929. Most economists believe that the depression was caused by the stock market crash, bank failures and consumer fear. Hoover was a strong proponent of balanced budgets so he cut spending but increased taxes dramatically including tariffs on imported goods. Imagine that - a Republican increasing taxes!

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Sep-14-13 8:21 AM

govt stimulus has not worked in europe or here. keynesian econmics is dead and the libs ever the unlearned are telling the rest of us what facts are. hey libs. How did ya miss this ? What were the best times to live after ww2 ? the 50's and then the 80's. we hear the gaggle comment and the glorification of govt. golly you libs are brain damaged. how do you miss these facts over and over. The stimulus did not work. who makes all the stuff we use ? the govt ? women ? libs get a grip on reality .

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Sep-14-13 8:20 AM

MikeDavis...first Pres Obama is not my hero. I do support most of his policies and do think he is one of the best presidents in my lifetime. However, there are many policies that I do not agree with (drones quickly come to mind)

Do you not understand spending has gone DOWN under Pres Obama? Revenues have increased. Yes, I do think when we are in a financial crisis it is the time to spend. Interest rates are very low. We can borrow money to put people back to work, who in turn will spend money, thus stimulating the economy, and they will...PAY TAXES. It is the perfect time to borrow and spend. The payoff in the end will more than pay for itself.

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Sep-14-13 8:17 AM

hey phil and judeye , you sure about the great depression caused by hoover ? Who was in control during it ? Do you know ? It was dumbacrats ! yes, the stimulus, the new deal did not work and prolongued the great depression. That was a mighty democratic achievement ! facts phil, you goofed , like the libs do all the time.Even truman was scared that the depression would return after the war eneded. The dems had the presidency from 32-52.congress in the 30's and it was hoovers fault. Now we know where the expression it was bush's fault arose from. Those dumbacrats.FDR bashed business like obama , the unions went on striking during the deporession to help make it greater and the libs say govt stimulus worked. golly you libs are mentally challenged.

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Sep-14-13 8:13 AM

DarkStar..."For the first seven months of 2013, the deficit was $489 billion. That is $231 billion less than the budget shortfall for the comparable period last year.

The decrease is almost entirely due to revenue increases. Revenues rose $200 billion and spending decreased only $11 billion."

That is how they did it. YES the deficit is GOING DOWN!

You can accept these FACTS or you can listen to opinions which ignore them. Your choice

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Sep-14-13 8:06 AM

PR24601 "we have no idea what would have happened if Washington hadn't pushed us further towards bankruptcy with over $1T in "stimulus". "

You obviously have not bothered to read ANY fact based report on this issue. They KNOW what would have happened if this issue was not addressed IMMEDIATELY. Why do you think McCain 'suspended' his campaign to return to DC? Why do you think that the stimulus that Bush proposed got bipartisan support and was passed within hours?

Again, I refer back to numerous references that many of us, including DKexpat and myself, have provided that gave REAL FACTS (unlike opinions) on this issue.

I think the biggest mistake was for our government not to be honest and clear with all of us just how severe and devastating the situation was in 2008. If they had NO one would be doubting how we had to have the stimulus, bail out the banks (even saying that makes me ill inside), and auto industry.

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Sep-14-13 7:57 AM

PhilJulian..."The truth is that increased government spending is sometimes necessary to stimulate a failing economy. "

AMEN Sir!!!!

Exactly. Many who comment here just do not seem to understand that this was not just a 'recession'..we were on the brink of a Great Depression. One that if not adverted would have pushed our entire Country, and perhaps the entire global economy, into a deep depression greater than the Great one (one that many of grew up hearing horrific stories about)

DKexpat has posted many articles and books and videos on the 2008 crash. Looks like few, including this paper, has bothered to take a look.

Thanks Phil for being objective and looking at the overall picture!

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Sep-13-13 4:20 PM

"....Time to complain about how high a bill is when you are spending the money...NOT when the bill comes due..."

That's funny, because when they complain when the left wants to spend the money you and the others on the left claim that it's not the time to talk about it then either. LOL!

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Sep-13-13 4:06 PM

The all-too-slowly-recovering job market has seen women rebound faster than men – they've now regained all the jobs they lost in the “Great Recession,” while men are still 2.1 million jobs short.

The August Jobs Report notes the unemployment rate for women was 6.8 percent, almost a full percentage point less than the 7.7 percent rate for men, with 68 million women in the workplace today versus 67.9 million in DEC 2007 when the recession began.

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Sep-13-13 2:49 PM

judeye your hero has been working toward the "devastating effect" you are so worried about for years...all you kept doing is extolling the virtues of his spend, spend, spend policies. Now you are going to worry? And attempt to blame (yet again) those dastardly Republicans? What the h.e.l.l. is in that kool aid? IQ eraser?

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Sep-13-13 2:07 PM

What Dcroakernig fails to mention is the number of people entering the job market each month which of course negates his(?) phoney baloney statistics! That goose crap has for sure taken a toll on the frontal lobe!

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Sep-13-13 11:58 AM

Or how about basic economic fact that financial incentives and disincentives work so by taking money from those that work and giving it to those that choose not to you are in fact discouraging work and encouraging people to spend their lives leeching off the working class.

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Sep-13-13 11:55 AM

"...We cannot risk our entire credit rating again because some in our Congress do not understand basic economics...."

You mean like the basic economic fact such as you can not continually spend more then you make without it eventually destroying your economy?

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Sep-13-13 11:48 AM

The 146 billion dollars was last month. Not one dollar was added to the deficit though? How is that possible? Let's ask that bastion of honesty the CBO....

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