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HIGH TAXES: Legislator is right on money

October 25, 2013

Why can’t we have more legislators who actually get it like Robert Stewart of Cherry Creek? Stewart, in a quote on WDOE, hit the nail on the head Wednesday night when discussing the 2014 county......

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Oct-27-13 4:44 PM

Riley will you please get off the "republicans hate welfare for the poor" baloney. I think what you meant to say is that people do not like supporting those that refuse to help themselves,the ones that make a career out of handouts,the ones that move to our region to take advantage of the generous freebies right?

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Oct-27-13 10:25 AM

Steiner, who do you think your going to influence with your nasty attacks? You sound more ignorant then the liberals. I actually agree with some of your ideas, but you are pretty naive yourself about corporate greed. The problem today is that both parties are selling this country short. The Republicans hate welfare for the poor but don't have a problem with corporate welfare in the name of "job creation". The Democrats go to the other extreme and want to give too much away to the poor. There is noone supporting the middle class. As middle class jobs are shipped overseas, the wealthy and the poor continue to squeeze the middle class even harder. In time, this trend will result in this country becoming a plutocracy. This is certainly not what our founding fathers envisioned.

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Oct-26-13 11:07 AM

joew, you cant expect common sense from judeye. she is a self proclaimed liberal, claiming concern over a gas well , yet against fracking. judeye, from the WSJ, today issue. energy boom from fracking spreading out west, putting gas and oil wells in peoples backyards. just like the good old days in std oils time. before the likes of Ida tarbell. Judeye, please stop feigning concern over taxes when a veritable gusher of money is to be made from fracking. But you oppose fracking on fake environmental concerns. So one the one hand you are very concerned about taxes spent on the gas well, yet you deny landowners the right to drill on their own land. Judeye,you are not as smart as you think, but most ignorant on science and energy issues. I ams uprised by the complete lack of any comments articles by SUNY fredonia profs. maybe they are afraid of their jobs . You know those tolerant libs who name call you for disagreeing with them.judeye, why do you want poverty in NY?

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Oct-26-13 9:21 AM

Judeye have you called Mr Edwards and asked the question about the gas well yet??? Did you watch Ch 2 and see and hear why it was drilled. Come on Judeye pick up that phone on Monday,Mr Edwards does not bite!

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Oct-26-13 8:36 AM

Concern about taxes? Where are the answers to why our County spent so much money drilling a gas well at the CC that now sits there idle? Who was held responsible? Our money that someone just threw away and no one can answer why. Until someone answers these questions I find other areas to reduce taxes worthless. Who cares how high or low our taxes are if no matter what they collect they waste it rather than use for the good of us all, the taxpayer.

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Oct-26-13 7:45 AM

cronig and his gaggle again. cronig do actually know anything ? it appears not.hey cronig people want vouchers, the govt fights it. A handful of large landowners started the civil war. they had the most to lose. Cromig, we have more people on the dole than ever. they will vote for the dole. the rest of us are to support that? It was called tyranny of the majority. Something you never heard of . You missed all my historical facts cronig. were they too complicated for you ? Can you get past church lady gaggle ? hate women or religion ? or just ignorant . The revolution was started by a handful of rich guys, it was never a popular thing. Missed that too ? Eh cronig ? we will have to call you clueleess cronig.CRONIG, YOU NEVER EXPLAIN THAT WE GOT ALL THE STUFF WE HAVE WITH A LIMITED GOVT. WHY IS THAT ? CLUELESS? or just a liberal, there is no difference. Why are you so ignorant cronig, ignorant of facts, history, life. Public education ?

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Oct-25-13 9:33 PM

In reality, every time government attempts to reduce spending, there is a group of taxpayers right there to protest the reduction. "Oh, don't cut that program, cut somewhere else." And when they try, the result is yet a different group with the same complaint. Seems we get what we want, then don't like it.

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Oct-25-13 8:54 PM

Where is all this wisdom when they are elected??? Just campaign BS. They all say what you want to hear. Reality is much different. Even if there are one or two, maybe, that try to change things they can't fight the majority.

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Oct-25-13 4:39 PM

This is exactly the mindset that we need to seek in our officials. If we can get enough of these common-sense individuals elected at one time, maybe we can see some real change that is actually in the right direction. Less spending and smaller, less intrusive government. Unfortunately, government has become of the corrupt, by the ignorant and for the lazy. The mobilization of the former hippies combined with the laziest generation have taken over, as shown in the last 2 elections, and this country is in a financial death spiral. Get educated, learn some basic economic theory and push for candidates that truly understand who they work for.

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Oct-25-13 11:43 AM

Don't be fooled just b/c someone says what you want to hear. ALL pols vow to cut spending, create jobs, lower taxes, shrink government, yada yada yada, BUT THEY NEVER DO! It's all part of the game to get re-elected, even when they run unopposed! They always have the answers when they're campaigning, but once in office, they offer the public endless excuses to why they repeatedly fail to fulfill promises.

Our system has evolved into one that rewards pols, as well as most other public servants; all at the expense of the avg taxpayer. This form of governing is blatant, disheartening, and continues to produce crippling, yet deserved, results.

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Oct-25-13 11:15 AM

In this country, government, from Washington down to the smallest village, has always been of, by and for the people.

Every election, the people make their voices, wants, needs and priorities known. And every election, they apparently don't mind their small villages, they don't mind the spending and they don't mind the taxes they pay. If they did mind about any of those three, they would elect folks who would represent these wishes.

For the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVE board to ignore and overlook this fundamental fact and process of our democracy, clearly shows both their ignorance and lack of respect for the people's wishes -- because to criticize the government is directly to criticize the majority of voters -- which isn't too bright of them to do.

But who ever defended the gaggle as bright?

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Oct-25-13 9:18 AM

At last - a legislator with a brain!

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Oct-25-13 7:48 AM

the libs over look a small thing. Al the stuff we take for granted, electricty, petrol and its chemistry, radio, RR's , steam power etc were obtained in a country with limited govt and virtually no gals, except for the baby part. yep thats the way it was. Even the basics of solid state was known in the 20s. The libs in the 40's found out that more revenue would be had, NOT by taxing the wealthy, but the middle class. The income tax, a liberal favorite expanded, making everyone more prosperous.private enterprise gave us fracking, made US the number 1 energy producer in the world. The libs and the gals said, whoa, think of the mother , the gal, mother earth. We must stop fracking, its working !carbon is bad too, even though life is based on the libs somewhow believe more govt is the answer. How i cant fathom, but libs are learning disabled.

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Oct-25-13 7:37 AM

It was fashionable in the late 1890s for people to think everything could be managed via the govt. this gave women their chance to become super moms via the govt. The 1894 income tax ruled unconstitutional. Wilson fixed that with Underwood tariff.We always had depressions and panics, but now the stage was set for a biggie later, the great depression, given to us by liberals. Taxes rose, unemployment too ! Success to the liberals, remembering the civil war apparently. hey libs even the nazi free labor model collapsed so dont fell that stupid.The economic boom in the 20's was not equaled till Ike in the 50's. No wonder Ike called for an end of 20 years of democratic bumbledom in 52 , code for more libs in govt. Now the libs are back with the ACA. They sure dont learn much do they ? so libs, tell us the need for govt, govt, govt !

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Oct-25-13 7:29 AM

Mr Editor, the libs would disagree with you on taxes ! They will say from the beginning, more taxes and more govt made america great ! Yes, that is what they will say. Of course, this flies in the face of history, but who cares ? the libs wanted so much, they wanted free labor via slavery! All for prosperity and states rights. Now that business model collapsed and a terrible thing in the libs eyes arose . The corporation ! Its evil, greedy, you name it.Now the corporations lowered food , fuel costs and made cheap steel available and made america great. this grated the liberals very badly. So in 1894, two democrats wilson and gorham decided to tax incomes for prosperity Their own corporation, the plantation collapsed, even with free labor and cotton, aa useful fiber . meanwhile the robber barrons arose, making the libs look stupid, which of course they were. even corporations overseas paying cheap labor still make money.even when buildings collapse and burn. the libs failed in the US.

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