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Rewards without ‘common sense’

November 8, 2013

Many working Americans know the drill. Earn your paycheck, pay the bills, do the grocery shopping and — hopefully — have enough leftover for entertainment, eating out and some hobbies....

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Nov-09-13 1:46 PM

"We went to Washington just for common sense," he (Tom Reed)said. "These types of reforms are things that empower people to help them control their own destiny." When Tom talks "common sense," he tries to beg the question -- his common sense is most often nonsense. The Foodbank provides food to anyone who needs it without question, a much better plan than Tom's penny-pinching and red-tape. Tom assumes that people don't want to work which isn't true except possibly for Tom who spends an extraordinary amount of time away from the Capitol.

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Nov-09-13 9:46 AM

We could sum up this issue by repeating one fundamental economic principal. "When you tax something you get less of it - when you subsidize something you get more of it". Our country taxes the working class to the extreme and as a result we have fewer people willing to work. We subsidize unemployment and welfare to an extreme and as a result we have more unemployment and welfare. So, why do we allow this to happen? It all gets back to our system of government where we keep re-electing people that should be thrown out of office. The IRS with all of it's loopholes needs to be abolished in favor of a national sales tax or flat tax. Require that all welfare receipients spend eight hours per day in public service. Special interests with all their money and power are in control of our destiny.

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Nov-09-13 9:03 AM

I am not from the Philippines nor do I have any family of friends who live there. In fact I know of no one directly affected.

Yet my heart and many prayers as well as a small donation goes out to all who have been affected by the 'largest storm in recorded history'.

See you do not have to be directly affected to care. It is called empathy and compassion.

Something some people just do not understand. Sad

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Nov-09-13 7:53 AM

I'd say judeye knocked commentor down a peg or two w/her verbal thrashing. Looks like the censored word she used on him contains 4 stars (****) which indicates a mild expletive. It would've been much funnier had she used the F-word.

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Nov-09-13 7:33 AM

judeye: YOU GO GIRL!!! Your last post was excellent! I must admit, your heart bleeds a tad too much for my views, but I respect your opinion, and your stated morals & values are second to none.

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Nov-08-13 10:05 PM

commentor, you're entering the steinerzone with your belittling comments...

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Nov-08-13 9:22 PM

Judeye....thanks for answering the question by not answering. I knew I was right. No one has your feelings without having the experience.

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Nov-08-13 8:28 PM

Quote from Judeye-" This is a forum to discuss issues not to make accusations". Refresh my memory would you please Judeye,what was it you said about Congressman Reed???

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Nov-08-13 7:18 PM

If you look at past posts of most contributors here you would see they stated they have no problem helping those who truly need it (children, elderly disabled)for essentials of life not the luxuries and not the able bodied lazy!

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Nov-08-13 7:12 PM

OOPS should have read get rid of

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Nov-08-13 7:11 PM

judeye if you spent just a portion of the energy you put into justifying the people on the system into helping rid get those who are fraudulently milking the system you would be doing an immense service to the elderly and children who suffer due to the acts of the frauds!!!!

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Nov-08-13 7:05 PM

Commentator, my personal circumstances are none of your business. However, I have mentioned before that I have worked since 1974. I've never been unemployed since I got my first job out of college. I do have compassion for those who have had a more difficult time. Maybe it was my Catholic upbringing. You know how Jesus said to help the poor.

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Nov-08-13 7:02 PM

commentor..I will answer..

My husband and I worked our entire lives. Neither of us ever received welfare in any form. Caring and being compassionate has nothing to do with if we were on welfare or not. For me, it is my values, my morals and my faith that directs me to care for those less fortunate. Things I learned as a in a very Republican household by the way.

As for my children and grandchildren...let me say this as clear as I can...IT IS NONE OF YOUR **** BUSINESS. This is a forum to discuss issues not to make accusations. SHAME ON YOU!! It only reflects your own ignorance and inability to discuss issues using facts. I refuse to make any comment on my personal life..particularly when it involves my children and grandchildren.

Shame on you for stooping so low....

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Nov-08-13 6:29 PM


Thanks for that additional information...particularly the Monsanto subsidies....yuck

"Who has the loudest voice in DC – voters or the special interests who rule Congress?"

Special Interests with big bucks...NO QUESTION ABOUT IT

We MUST get the money out..all of it...The ching chang sound of the money flowing from special interests right into the pockets of our elected officials has drowned out all of the People's voices.

Is it not time we demand our voice back? Is this not an issue that ALL OF US should unite around and demand campaign reform? Who wants to work on this NOW?

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Nov-08-13 2:12 PM

commentator, do you really think that only those who are on welfare or unemployed are compassionate? There are many caring people in our area who see the need to help those who need it. May be even among your family, friends or church members.

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Nov-08-13 2:05 PM

judeye: your concern for the needy is not in question, but the gist of this article is we must stop the abuse and lifetime dependency of entitlement programs. Your comments reflect an ultra liberal view, one that has, at the very least, contributed to widespread abuse.

To advocate for the needy is one thing, but to support gov't handouts to people who don't/won't work, and even those who do (for minimum wage), thereby providing a near, equal and in some cases, higher standard of living than most middle class workers is obviously wrong.

I may have the same contempt for greedy corporations as you, but where we differ is I believe they should share more of their profits with their workers (union mentality), while you believe they should pay higher taxes to help keep gov't entitlement programs better funded and improved. The problem is, too many pols who rely on govt-dependent voters agree w/you, not me.

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Nov-08-13 1:32 PM

"...Why not publish the 17% in CC live BELOW poverty...."

And why didn't you include the fact that things like a welfare recipients free rent, utilities, food stamps, free transportation, free childcare and free healthcare aren't even counted when calculating if people are below the poverty line and instead only the case payment is counted, which is a tiny fraction of what people can, and do, receive each year.

I'm not sure about you but if I didn't have to pay for rent, utilities, food, healthcare, dental care, eye exams/glasses, child care or transportation I could live comfortable on very little money.

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Nov-08-13 1:27 PM


I agree, I've long held that every able bodied welfare recipient should be required to work. If they can't get a job elsewhere they the County should assign them to a locality to work for them but their pay is the benefits they receive.

For example, why should Dunkirk residents have to pay for city workers to pick up parks and beaches when they already pay for large number of people to sit around watching tv all day?

The taxpayer should get some benefit from all these payments, and that could be done by offsetting costs in other areas such as cleaning beaches, parks, sidewalks, government buildings, and if there is enough over even helping the cities senior citizens with things like lawn mowing and snow clearing.

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Nov-08-13 1:19 PM


And how many of those children's parents are born to parents who knew that they wouldn't need to support them but instead the taxpayer would have to?

Look around Dunkirk and Chautauqua County, the vast majority of families with more then 3 children are people on welfare who knew that they themselves couldn't afford another child, but thanks to the welfare state created by the left they can pop out a kid and not only get more aid, but also get a nice tax "refund" for taxes they never paid.

Now I know you do see that as irresponsible, and feel using other people's money to support them makes you much more caring then those evil people like me who would prefer to use what they earn to support their own families, but you're 100% wrong.

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Nov-08-13 11:52 AM

Why does Chaut cty have the biggest numbers.....because life is good in Chaut cty for freeloaders. Want to see the fancy cell phones go to McD's in the play area. Judeye and Marcia have to be getting some of that free money. Marcia do you get welfare?? Judeye do you get money for your grandchildren?? I dare you to answer. Go want luxuries get a d am job!!!!

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Nov-08-13 10:15 AM

The problem is the rules,laws,and regulations are written with no way for individuals to be judged. If you are a single mom who husband has abandon his responsibilities you are reviewed just like the man who won't work on any job he believes is beneath him. You may work at the best job you can find, care for your children, and only need a little help, but that won't matter. How about having every able body who recieves any assistance who DOESN'T work, who is NOT disabled, who is REALLY just lazy show up and do community service everyday for their benefits? How about a SNAP program that only allows certain foods, with exceptions for medical needs? Don't blame the workers because they just follow the rules. Instead of worrying about what we can't do to fix the problems we should concentrate on what we can do.

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Nov-08-13 9:45 AM

What Rep. Reed neglects to add is that the non-SNAP House Farm Bill he supported saves less than 50% of what Repubs agreed to economize in their House budget plan, and it and even falls short of what Obama called for in cuts.

Yet, the waste continues - two examples:

The House bill DOES include things like; (1) $145M/yr to BRAZILIAN farmers after the World Trade Org ruled US cotton farmers receive unfair subsadies – so instead of cutting that, the House is happy to continue paying Brazilan farmers.

The Market Access Program (“Corporate Welfare Program”) remains untouched in the House bill and will continue to pay Monsanto, Tyson, Butterball and Sunkist to help them sell OVERSEAS. (The program paid for a reality show in 2011 in INDIA to promote US cotton.)

Who has the loudest voice in DC – voters or the special interests who rule Congress?

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Nov-08-13 9:41 AM

The old Reagan welfare queen lie. Can Reed give us proof that they have flat screen TVs and top of the line smart phones? I'd like to see that. You do need a phone and most people have gotten rid of their home phones. You can get inexpexsive cell phone plans at Walmart. I know it's disappointing that the poor aren't literally walking around in rags and all emaciated. Most SNAP recipients are working, children, elderly or disabled. What we are really doing is subsidizing the richest people on the planet so they don't have to pay liveable wages.

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Nov-08-13 9:18 AM

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

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Nov-08-13 8:57 AM

As for SNAP 92% of all who receive are seniors, veterans (yes have you seen how many veterans are affected by these cuts), disabled or children. Before clicking disagree why not just look it up.

We the taxpayers are supplementing the wages of companies who pay so low that people can work for the companies full time and still qualify for SNAP. Where is the outrage about that?

With the numbers, (which I want to know why I as a taxpayer had to file a FOIA to get the numbers?)....How many that are on SNAP are many FULL TIME? How many are seniors, disabled and children?

Again misleading and missing facts in order to promote once again the myth that we have all these lazy good for nothings who are milking the system.

Why not publish the 17% in CC live BELOW poverty. Which is about $23,000 for a family of four. It goes up to 20% in Fredonia, about 22% in Dunkirk and 25% in Jamestown. Now to me that is truly the OUTRAGE.

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