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Moss relieved of duties as basketball coach

November 15, 2013

After four years of coaching varsity basketball at Dunkirk High School, Jerome Moss was officially relieved of his duties Thursday evening....

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Nov-19-13 6:15 AM

@ Deloniak get your drug infested DK Bandits out of my city too. Scumbags.

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Nov-19-13 6:14 AM

Deloniak can you read and comprehend? The kid was hurt in the 5th game of the year with a concussion. He was not cleared by the school doctor to play. Tim Majka moved the kid up to Varsity for game 6 of the year. So Majka was the one who let the kid play without being cleared by the school doctor as well. Did I break it down for you to the third grade level?

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Nov-18-13 5:25 PM

@ *** clowns...your missing the point retard...Moss put a child's health and welfare in danger, teachers and coaches are in positions of authority with kids and he shouldn't be allowed to get away with that. Since you obviously missed that point and you are an irrational moron yes, Majka should be fired not only for failing to instill a sense of pride in the kids in the way they act and dress, but because he ***** as a's hard to nurture self esteem when you can't win game...idiot

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Nov-18-13 4:46 AM

Deloniak you are a moron. I guess Tim Majka should be fired too cause he let the same kid play varsity football the week prior to this event.

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Nov-17-13 3:41 PM

On a side note Jerome Moss should have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child especially given to what happend to that young athlete in Brocton. I think he should never be allowed near a child again. Jerome Moss and taken Dunkirk and Dunkirk athletics to a new low. Shame on him.

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Nov-17-13 3:37 PM

The fact of the matter is that he put the health, welfare and well being of a minor in jeopardy. Teachers and coaches have had certifications revoked for a lot less. He got off easy. There should have been a complaint to the New York State Department of Education to ensure he can never coach again. And baseball is right. Coaches and teachers should be placed on a high moral pedestal and set an example to children and players. It is disgusting the way the kids dress and act. I graduated in the 80s but we always dressed up on game days (either dress pants and shirt and tie or uniform) and if there was ever a complaint about the way we acted, looked or conducted ourselves, the coach would bench us. I remember one player being benched for two games for not having his jersey tucked in now you got a coach like Jerome who lets them act and look like hoodlums. We need a coach who will teach these kids how to look like and act like young responsible adults.

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Nov-16-13 7:40 AM

I really hope that this is not the only reason he is being fired. I have never seen another coach do so much with these kids, he has had winning seasons every year, keeps academics at a forefront, and also has had them volunteer in the community. My daughter has even been to a basketball program they were volunteering for with him there. It is sad that because of a small mistake they would not only take this job away from him but from these kids who don't have much to begin with also. And come on you are really going to give him crap for how they dress?! He is not a parent and yes they are representing the school but give him some slack do you see how kids dress these days?!

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Nov-15-13 9:52 AM

blitzmjs, The coach did not set a good example himself! Leadership pal, it starts at the Top!

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Nov-15-13 8:53 AM

Baseball your RIGHT. The coaches responsibility to dress professionally. How a young man presents himself in public representing his team is important. How a young man prefers to dress outside of that is his choice.

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Nov-15-13 8:43 AM

So baseball, your blaming a coach for something that parents should be addressing with their kids? I think the dress code should be school mandated and not the coaches responsibility. Don't get me wrong, I hate the fake gangster look of youths today but I don't think a coach should be blamed for it.

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Nov-15-13 1:49 AM

Moss lets his players dress like hoods, they do not represent the school well at away games, every other school makes the players dress with respectability to represent the school and community well, not Moss! Been to many DHS games, its disgusting to see them with pants down past the curve of their butt, with underwear hanging out, they dress like hoodlums! Thank god there will be a new coach!

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