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CONGRESS: Appearances matter in race

December 30, 2013

A special visitor made her way to Dunkirk on Dec. 15. Candidate for Congress Martha Robertson started her journey from Tompkins County just before 6 a.m. that day....

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Jan-08-14 12:04 PM

What a cute slanted piece. Martha Robertson made her way out of Ithaca for the first time? Sound the alarms she has left her liberal bubble! Reed travels the district each week holding town halls constantly to make sure we all get a chance to speak our minds. I've been at town halls where he has been yelled and screamed at yet he always manages to make himself accessible. That is something I don't see in candidate Robertson, and something I don't anticipate changing. Reed constantly "travels through bad weather"--that has to be a joke. Good for Robertson, glad she can finally see the sights of our area.

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Jan-01-14 6:58 PM

You can twist it all you want William R but HR3726 is designed to help the long term unemployed and your attempt to use it to assert that Rep Reed is two faced is simply not true and you know it.

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Jan-01-14 4:37 PM

One should not confuse business tax incentives, a form of trickle-down, with direct aid to the unemployed -- that's nonsense.

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Jan-01-14 3:59 PM

One must assume William R that you do not understand what it is you just wrote? Will you now apologize?

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Jan-01-14 11:55 AM

Quoted in an article the "Corning Leader," "He(Reed)said he didn't support moves by Democrats in Congress to renew long-term unemployment benefits, saying the assistance is meant to be temporary."

"Reed noted that he had co-sponsored, along with Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., a bill in the House that would offer tax incentives to businesses to hire the long-term unemployed."

Reed's views are clearly stated -- it is hard not to agree that they are what they are.

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Jan-01-14 11:17 AM

Interesting Robertson has a convicted sex offender to kick off her campaign and raise funds for her. But then, Al Gore had Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church as one of his fundraisers too. I guess as long as they’re raising money for Progressives, there’s no problem with it.

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Jan-01-14 11:08 AM

William R you are obviously confused after reading what you just posted or is it that you are trying to inflame Judeye? The bill that you say Rep Reed supports(HR3726)is designed to help those that have been on long term unemployment! Rep Reed is not being two faced,that is not a true statement. That bill(HR3726)you cite proposes tax incentives to those that hire folks who have been on long term unemployment. You really should apologize!

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Jan-01-14 10:16 AM

Reed is two faced: for example, he opposes extending unemployment benefits saying they were supposed to be temporary even though unemployment persists. Yet he favors extending business tax incentives, also supposed to be temporary, as a cosponsor of the "Long-Term Unemployment Hiring Incentive Act."

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Jan-01-14 9:50 AM

Judeye you failed to mention that the BAD business people contributed to your social security in equal amounts. When did you start drawing SS,at 62! Bad mistake if you did! How is it that you know what Rep Reed does or doesn't do regarding his staff? Do you have a inside source?

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Jan-01-14 9:17 AM

Poor racist, chauvinstic Stiener belies everyone else is wrong if they are not white and a scientist. ( per his recent quotes posted against women and the civil war ) This is so funny its sad. he completely knocks solar power as a waste for the greenheads, while he post how is is a scientist working on green power. Which is it Stuper, for or against ? make up you 100 IQ mind !

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Jan-01-14 8:02 AM

I have not completed and signed up yet for the complete insurance. When I do I will report here clearly. So far, I have had NO difficulties meeting with the local navigator or talking directly with someone from the State on my options.

As for taking govt mean our social security? The money that we contributed to for the past forty plus years? You really think that makes me a "user" of the system? Good grief

Look at all those who disagreed with me when I pointed out that staff of Rep Reed benefit from Obamacares...directly. Ha ha...

Do you disagree that they should get health insurance under their parent's coverage...or disagree that Rep Reed failed to explain the benefits of the law to them?

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Dec-31-13 7:35 PM

Of course Judblindeye is for Robertson. She is one getting govt money and who knows what other freebies like pic and wick. The takers are Obama lovers and Robertson lovers. If you are a smart voter you won't vote for Robertson or any Democrat!!!!

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Dec-31-13 6:08 PM

Regelski could you please tell us what Seniors are being denied SNAP and meals on wheels? Whom do you think will be carrying the burden(financial)for funding Obamacare?

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Dec-31-13 5:54 PM

Judeye you never cease to amaze me with your ridiculous comments. Have you read the law and if so which version? The original version or the version(s)illegally changed in violation of the constitution? Please tell us how the illegally oft changed law will benefit those in our district? You still have not reported to us(as promised)about your plan. Why the holdup?

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Dec-31-13 1:03 PM

Regulateski,the Democrats are the "Bread&Circus" party.Let everyone have freebies that "they" don't have to pay for.Vote for Martha.Thanks anyway,I'd rather keep my "freedoms",than sell my vote for freebies.

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Dec-31-13 11:04 AM

The Teapbulicans have had their moment in the sun; now its time to send them, and Reed, back to reality. If anyone out there thinks that the Teapublicans have done anything more than tie up the Congress in a 'knot' (i.e., anything 'not' Obama, not cooperative, not compromising, not realistic--shall we not fund the agencies that protect small people from big business and even big government?), they're not paying attention or too into ideology. Teapublicans have no agenda, (except just say no) and for those whose unemployment compensation has just ended, or for the seniors who no longer can get food stamps or meals on wheels (while the Big Farms get subsidies and tax breaks), they know this is no way to run a country. Listen to the Pope: This kind of political economics is insane and immoral.

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Dec-31-13 11:00 AM

We Tompkins County residents know Martha Robertson best. What do we see? She made accusations that Reed operatives had hacked her website. She has been unable to offer one bit of evidence that this was true. She made it up out of whole cloth. She took salary as legislative chair in Tompkins for a period before she was actually elected to the job. She spent 100K+ on a desk. She brought in a ex-con child abuser to raise funds. She tried to strip corporations of the right to free speech. She supports Obamacare and would go on to single payer. She spoke under the Democrat Socialist banner. She is an ardent anti-energy fractivist and lobbyist. She voted for the hastily passed SAFE Act on guns before she voted against it. Robertson, wrong even in Tompkins, and when you know the real Roberson, too radical for the western southern tier!

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Dec-31-13 8:51 AM

Rep Reed voted to shut down our government. The shut down that cost us all 24 million dollars. So much for fiscal responsibility huh?

Think I will go make another donation to Robertson campaign. I just cannot take any more of a tea compromise...kind of rep. I want one that will represent THE PEOPLE not BIG MONEY.

Go Martha!!!!

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Dec-31-13 8:46 AM

joew..No Captain, Rep Reed was not in Dunkirk on the 15th but his Rep was.

You mean the one who has health insurance due to OBAMACARES!!! When she told me she was still on her parent's insurance...I asked if she knew that was due to the ACA. She had NO idea.

Wonder if Rep Reed has ever read this law...and how it might benefit the people of his district. Apparently he has not shared this info with his staff.

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Dec-31-13 6:49 AM

Weep Steiner weep. Weep as the citizens refuse to elect tea baggers our party looses elections and The GOP is reduced in influence in The House. Keep espousing your foolishness keep it up as we loose election after election because the only good Republican is a Conservative moderates don't belong. Actually, your the reactionary you are, join another party if you wish but, your opinion and that of so few others has damaged the GOP. Compromise, how about the recently passed Federal Budget and how about the extension passed before that. Oh but wait, nothing works unless you reactionaries get everything you want or your going to vote to keep Our federal government closed. That is neither American nor Republican it's a group of reactionaries that care little for anything except Their Grand Opinions knowing all.

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Dec-30-13 7:27 PM

Fat Uncle Fester Tom "I got my lap band 100% paid for US taxpayers" Reed came this close to losing to Nate Shinigawa -- a Japanese American from Tompkins County.

Fat Uncle Fester Reed is a weak, weak, WEAK candidate who has done zero-nada-zilch for this district -- except for his leadership-inspiring "listening" tour....if anyone can name one big thing he did...

Martha has a serious solid opportunity to win next year and the RW/GOP/TPers know it.

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Dec-30-13 6:29 PM

Yes, Martha has been very busy indeed! She’s been fundraising with a convicted sex offender, wasted one million dollars in taxpayer money for office renovations, defended doubling your property taxes, and even advocated for expanding Obamacare to a single-payer system! Oh yes, sweet Martha! She has a lot of explaining to do.

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Dec-30-13 5:55 PM

Nothing to rival a Big Spender like a Republican with a war. Think George.

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Dec-30-13 5:54 PM

Power plants are not the only issue. Get your eyes open, George. Liberals are Americans, and numerous, by the way. And Constitutionally protected. Ain't it a pity!?

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Dec-30-13 3:47 PM

No Captain, Rep Reed was not in Dunkirk on the 15th but his Rep was.

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