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Divide continues over County Home

February 5, 2014

It looks like we are again faced with a fourth vote to sell the County Home. Apparently, if you can’t get the votes you need to force a sale, you just keep pushing until you get your way....

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Feb-07-14 8:16 PM

In reading this letter one would think the only facility in the north county is the county home. Lets see, i can think of several other facilities and besides the county home will still be there but run by a private concern. Think of the outrage if we all shared into the cost equally, not by our ASSESSED value. I would suspect even many who opposed selling the home had to pay more their tune would soon change. I also wonder how many of ones who oppose the sale have sent in extra taxes to help save it. Talk is cheap and easy to expect others to pay.

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Feb-06-14 7:11 PM

Yes Rumblefish I did get the info over the phone but I would be more than happy to join you at the home for some volunteer work and we can ask the residents themselves. Any day but Monday.

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Feb-06-14 6:52 PM

the same Ronnie who didn't knuckle under to a government union, something unheard of today

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Feb-06-14 5:06 PM

...the same ronnie ray-gun who was the SAG president when he was an actor?

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Feb-06-14 5:04 PM

you actually got that information over the phone Niebelj, must be the person on the other end of the phone from CCH, never heard of the C.B.O.R., and while we're at it what was the resident time of the other 5%, we find it 95% odd, almost like a pat answer

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Feb-06-14 4:56 PM

what we need today is more "true" patriots like Ronald Regan, you never, and we mean ever saw a union get away with taking advantage of the taxpayer when old Ronnie Ray Gun was at the helm

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Feb-06-14 3:51 PM

You're welcome, American, but remember, when all the gains that organized labor achieved that AREN'T protected under federal/state laws start to disappear due to corporate greed and NO contractual obligation to provide, then we can thank people like you. To presume these accepted practices will remain intact is ignorant. To advocate on behalf of rich employers at the expense of poor or modest workers blows my mind, but then again, most of you possess the same mindset by supporting the sale of the CCH and oppose an increase in MW. Mgmt essentially has a union to advance its goals, and it's called public support. What do you gain from selling the home & risking patient care if it doesn't succeed? oh yeah, you're not promised tax relief, you're offered tax stabilization, at least until the CCSD or another group of county workers with political strength demands more.

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Feb-06-14 3:09 PM

"it's always the union's fault!" Thank you for seeing the light Captain.

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Feb-06-14 1:41 PM

Non-profits are required to spend their monies in support of their designated mission and must make a profit in order to accomplish that. For-profit companies don't have that expenditure limitation which is why so many ceo's and upper mgmt are into self enrichment these days at the expense of their companies.

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Feb-06-14 12:57 PM

This is not a Dem/Rep issue, nor is it North vs South, it's the anti-union crowd all over the county getting pleasure from knowing the union will be busted once the sale is complete. Patient care isn't even a concern, nor is the annual cost to operate CCH, that's just an excuse to justify the sale. It's all about "beating" the "no good" union. It takes two to tango, yet no member of the CCLeg is ever chastised for agreeing to annual pay raises, it's always the union's fault!

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Feb-05-14 6:41 PM usual dumber than a stump. I'm fully aware of the Lutheran ownership. The point it is not owned by the County supported by tax dollars. You bet non-profits make a profit. Hey blindeye is your face red? It should be. There is a saying....engage brain before opening mouth.

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Feb-05-14 6:04 PM

Judeye; Thank you for the information on the Lutheran Retirement Home that SUPPORTS commentor’s position.

Judeye; Is your point that non-profit organizations can continue to operate while losing millions of dollars every year the way government facilities do? I don’t think so, they can go bankrupt like every other business. Or that their employees’ wages, benefits, and automatic increases are protected under the Triborough Amendment? If so, I don’t think that you are correct about that either.

My point is that the non-profit organization operates just fine in Jamestown without wasting millions of dollars a year in government inefficiencies that can and will never be eliminated.

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Feb-05-14 5:58 PM

Judeye you do know of course that "non profit" organizations do indeed make a profit don't you? They must in order to remain solvent and stay in business.

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Feb-05-14 3:58 PM

Rumble fish, I answered you on the other blog that I found your question intriguing and called the county home for an answer. They did some research and got back to me to say they can confidently say that 95% of the residents currently in the home were residents of the county for 10 plus years. I hope that answers your question.

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Feb-05-14 3:52 PM

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Feb-05-14 3:23 PM

people keep playing the same song, gas well, expense a one timer, comparing it to yearly operating loses in million, no contest, just keep beating that drum, we ask over and over about how many residents were 10 year county residents before admittance, yet the know all's of home affairs remain mute on this request we wonder why, is it because people have and still continue to establish 6 month residency from out of state and get in, yep that dirty little secret that home supporter won't address

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Feb-05-14 1:31 PM



"Lutheran Retirement Home in Jamestown New York has a 78% occupancy rate with 167 residents using its 214 beds. They are not part of a multiple nursing home ownership and are a Non Profit nursing home."


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Feb-05-14 1:28 PM I do not think that only public employed folks can do a good job.

However, I do know that a public facility has the commitment to accept all residents regardless of their needs. Something that a FOR profit home would not do. I know that a public operated nursing home gives high quality care for all regardless of their ability to pay. (How man residents on Medicaid do you think are in the upper scale quality nursing homes?)

Companies do NOT hire all former employees at the same rate of pay and with same benefits. If they did, and can still turn a profit, I then ask, why is the County not doing it?

Can we really afford to allow another employer who pays a decent wage with benefits to close in our area? Where are those people who will lose their jobs to go, to make similar wages?

And where are those residents who no longer will be cared for in the CC to go?

Money or I said..

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Feb-05-14 1:22 PM

Per Susan...."Jamestown is blessed with several great options when one is faced with the need for care." All of the facilities in Jamestown are privately owned so how do you think this proves your point that the CCH should be owned by the County????? The privately owned Homes in Jamestown are great but a privately owned Home in Dunkirk WILL be BAD????? What kind of logic is this???

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Feb-05-14 12:46 PM

This is what the argument is really about: In order for anyone to accept the argument pertaining to the care of the patients at the home you must first have to agree that only civil servants can care for the elderly adequately . That is not true. Once that facade is stripped off , it comes down to keeping jobs for employees in the public sector and their resultant retirements. This is what this is really about. Does this county want to continue to keep the place open to subsidize employees? That is what the vote is about.

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Feb-05-14 11:09 AM

As Sue so aptly pointed out there is a great disparity between outstanding services available for the elderly in the south county and what is available here. We should consider that very little thought is being put into that aspect of this decision. Great letter!

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Feb-05-14 10:55 AM

Great letter!!..Good job Susan!!..

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Feb-05-14 9:55 AM

Why don't they ask taxpayers if they would rather keep the CCH or the airports. Sell the airports and keep the CCH. I would rather support the CCH than the Jamestown Airport and it's restaurant and the Dk Airport. Horrigan should concentrate on these issues instead of Forums that will lead to more expense and solve nothing!!!

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Feb-05-14 9:02 AM

All of the great care that this writer describes will continue after privitization. A new owner can not operate without staff and the staff will be the same. Wages will not drop as other homes pay the same and are hurting for employees. They would love to hire the good CCH employees to fill their staffing needs.

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Feb-05-14 8:58 AM

First, the GOP/RW/TPers saved money through the hungry stomachs of poor kids by cutting food stamps. Now, they want to save money through the last-of-life care of our elderly. Who a/o what is next?

You are.

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