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Fourth Chautauqua County Home sale vote tonight

February 26, 2014

The fourth vote on potential privatization of the Chautauqua County Home will take place tonight in Mayville at 6:30....

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Feb-26-14 9:19 PM

Now that the county home has been sold..everyone who was against the sale should boycott the Observer, cancel your subscriptions, and boycotts businesses advertised in the observer until they remove their ads/fundings from the Observer. The Observer and John D'agostino have taken a biased and prejudicial stance against the home and this has affected countless workers, patients and their families. Shame on the Observer for supporting and advocating for its sale.

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Feb-26-14 5:01 PM

it does how ever provide for the "will of the People" and that hopefully will be settled tonight and this topic will be over and done with

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Feb-26-14 4:57 PM

NO where is it written that government is "obligated to provide" anything other than what is written in the "Law of The Land" The Constitution provides for "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" we have not read any where in this forming document of our country, that government will provide and maintain Government paid and run places such as CCH

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Feb-26-14 4:14 PM

Rumblefish, this is my favorite Jefferson quote.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty". Thomas Jefferson

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Feb-26-14 4:06 PM

we love Jefferson quotes: of the 389 we know of our favorite is:" I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of people under the pretense of taking care of them"

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Feb-26-14 3:57 PM

maybe it will be aired as a delayed broadcast on city's cable access, that would be delayed at least till 20?? or city gives more money to access operators

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Feb-26-14 3:55 PM

rumblefish, I quoted Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of our county, a few days ago. The founding father got 2 agrees and 4 disagrees. Of course, Thomas Jefferson believed in the limited role of government. We have become what we left Enland for to begin with. Sad, Sad, Sad.

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Feb-26-14 3:49 PM

rumblefish, will the vote be televised on YNN?

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Feb-26-14 3:35 PM

what's missing from this forum topic is Steiner spouting "science" in relation to pro's/con's of home sale or proclaiming he has "invented" the solution to this issue

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Feb-26-14 3:33 PM

we have a theory that Norman and Steiner could be one and the same, or at least joined at the hip and lip

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Feb-26-14 3:29 PM

ah Norman, were you a star in the movie "Conspiracy Theory" seems like that movie was made for you, or is the sale of CCH going to be know as the (34th) famous theory

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Feb-26-14 1:47 PM

Still waiting for anyone to show me where in the budget it shows the CC losing money. Does it not dawn on you perhaps it is because it is UNTRUE! Just like NO one cares about the money spent to drill a gas well that sits there idle. Why did they not hook up this well to the existing pipeline that goes right past the CC and SELL the gas? I know the market may be down, but they still sell gas.

Why did a for profit gas company...GIVE the County land/rights to the gas?

No one cares...and yet they are going to let a sale go through without telling us why they just threw half a million dollars out the window. OUR MONEY

Anyone think they are planning on horizontal well pads there if NY lifts the ban? Would that not be great..a fracking well pad right next to a nursing home.

If they vote to sell...SHAME ON OUR COUNTY. Putting pure Greed over human need.

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Feb-26-14 1:41 PM

Where are they going to get all those Filipinos to work in Dunkirk??

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Feb-26-14 1:31 PM

Feb-26-14 8:09 AM Agree | Disagree

"County Executive Vince Horrigan declined going into detail..."

"I see he's staying consistent with how Edwards handled all this".

DK you're a pretty smart guy and you should know that you don't put the "cart before the horse".

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Feb-26-14 1:15 PM

I am by no means an expert in how the home has been funded. I hear about this IGT funding that was declined. Where does this funding originate? Does Santa Claus replenish this fund each Christmas. I suspect it is more tax dollars dressed up in a different outfit. I read from credible sources the home was losing $7000 a day, yet people continuously argue this point. A $7000 a day loss equates to a saving of 2.55 million anually, but the government says we will save a fraction of this amount. What gives? All I know is the services I receive don't come close to the taxes I pay. For the public union employees not to admit they are a privileged class is ludicrous.

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Feb-26-14 1:03 PM

My view ..I am sorry, there was no disrespect intended. Honestly I was referring to the politicians and should have made that clear.

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Feb-26-14 12:39 PM

There is one Legislator and another former Legislator who is now County Clerk masquerading in here using different screen names..Mr.Barmore,what gives you the right to be on the time clock and play games posting on the internet?.Is this part of your job description?..Game over Larry Snotziman..

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Feb-26-14 12:08 PM

go to ratings out today - CCH overall rating 3 stars Golden Hill 4 stars and susquehanna 4 stars

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Feb-26-14 12:05 PM

Jnielbel you are wrong I am from the So County - my grandmother lived for 10 years at CCH - got great care but have had other family members in other homes and they also received great care - so dont say So county does not care!

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Feb-26-14 11:26 AM

"If anyone knew anything about the County Home you would know that it's an enterprise fund which means that you, the taxpayer, are not paying for the money lost (which by the way we are not losing. it's a lie) the County Home is not part of the county budget,only the IGT funds are. The employees salaries and benefits come directly from the enterprise fund which is in no way any of the taxpayers dollars. We have people in positions at the County Home that were hired by the county exec. Kinda odd that we are all of a sudden apparently losing all this money which, I might add over the course of Edwards term has constantly changed the amount of how much we are apparently losing. First it was $11,000 a day and now we have gone down to $7,000 a day. What I don't get is why when the county exec's numbers keep changing aren't people questioning just exactly where he's getting his info from?!. The people he hired?. Down right dirty politics. Sad that our gov't has no morals. anymore."

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Feb-26-14 10:40 AM

NormanC, LIES, LIES, LIES. Sorry you lose Ron.

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Feb-26-14 10:31 AM

PhilJulian ... The words better and cheaper just do not fit here. If you are referring to care Just because a facility is in the private sector it does not assure the care is going to be "better" and it certainly won't be "cheaper" for the residents who live there. And if you are referring to the operations you are correct it will be run cheaper and in a way that will better the profit margin of the owners. So we lose the home, cut the county workforce by 20% and for that we get a $17 a year reduction in our taxes. Doesn't that bother anyone? If we are gaining $7000 a day and we are taking out 280 county employees, their wages and benefits how can the only benefit to the taxpayer be $17 a year! There is one certainty though, the scrutiny you are expecting will not happen and that $17 a year will be gone in a heartbeat.

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Feb-26-14 10:20 AM

Hawkman411..Game over George Borrello..

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Feb-26-14 10:14 AM

Quote from NormanC: "Vestracare will not hire no more then 50% of the current employees!!.." More lies from Ron Hammerick. VestraCare has said they will rehire almost everyone that passes the background check.

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Feb-26-14 10:11 AM

An article published last month in the New York Times reported that nursing homes purchased by private investment firms usually perform worse than other facilities. In an effort to increase profits, they often provide care which falls below the minimum legal requirements. Times reporters found that privately acquired nursing homes ranked below the national standard in 12 of 14 qualifying areas and many of these facilities were above the national average before being acquired by the investors.

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