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Portland hears from drillers

March 6, 2014

PORTLAND — Members of the Portland Town Council heard a lengthy public comment with open minds during a recent meeting....

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Mar-07-14 12:03 PM

Where to start… If the truth was only jobs created by drilling were the frac crews then there would be no existing jobs in the oil & gas industry in Chautauqua County. Many people are employed and many vendors have a cash flow due to the industry. Everyone in the County would benefit from drilling; landowners (royalty payments), jobs that WILL be created; taxes will be collected by Chautauqua County, the Townships and School Districts. The more taxes paid by gas companies translates to less taxes paid by individuals. The additional revenue for each well would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Your gas bill already is lower because of shale gas, very easy to verify with a google search.

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Mar-07-14 8:25 AM

There are not going to be any jobs --the fracker already have their crews--They will screw the water up take the gas--Tell me how any one is going to make big moneys besides the BIG People--and they sure aren't going to give me any money or breaks on my gas bill--Someone tell me a real good story how this Is going to help the aveage Joe

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Mar-07-14 8:04 AM

julieort..I am NOT condemning the gas business in totality.

I have many concerns regarding this new type of drilling. I have many questions and concerns for safety and health that I think must be answered before we would ever allow this type of drilling in our County or State.

As I said before the men who work on these wells are some of the hardest workers around. They risk their lives so that we can have gas to heat our homes and run our businesses. I understand more than most what they contribute to us all.

However, that does not prevent me from wanting more information, asking more questions, and needing many more answers before I would support this type of drilling. Until those questions are answered I oppose it.

It is called an informed decision. Something I hope all of us are seeking. Being informed is a good thing. Accepting just what a company tells us is being ignorant. We know companies will say and do most anything to make a buck.

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Mar-06-14 9:07 PM

judeye, There are no Marcellus wells in Chautauqua County.Interesting again that your family has financially benefited from the oil and gas industry and you now choose to condemn it with your friends. There is information, but there is also logic and it's the best result when they are applied together.

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Mar-06-14 7:19 PM

A recent study reported in USA TODAY stated NY is among states with 1.1 to 1.5 % job growth last year. Some states with up to 2.8% growth are ND,TX,GA,SC AZ. These states do not have large fracking in them that would account for the growth. So if NYS is open for business why little or no growth. There must be a wealth of all type business growth available. WHY NOT NYS?

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Mar-06-14 3:05 PM

You can tell from the continual posts from Judeye she does not want any progress in this area unless it is a government check. Lets compare states that have gone done the fracking road and the ones that have not, which ones are better off. It is a no brainer, lets see Texas, Pa., S.Dakota, N.Dakota and the list goes on. Oh how about New York, oops we are worse off.

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Mar-06-14 2:20 PM

Judeye, You bring up a good point about would I want in my backyard. My land, I pay the taxes, I should be able to choose what I want in my backyard, not you. I suppose we are to take advice from the LWV as gospel. A group that continues to tell half-truths and uses a presenter that intentionally misleads people. I don’t fault the LWV for being concerned, if my source of information was the internet and Glenn I would be scared also. I do find fault with them for not spending time learning about what is really being proposed in New York.

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Mar-06-14 1:01 PM

Where are the Steinertron and Cade "Shankapottomus" Foster? It just isn't the same. This thread should have 80 posts about CO2, CFC's, and female stupidity.

STEINERTRON where are you? CADE? Bueller?

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Mar-06-14 12:42 PM

joew...gas company was THERE when the LWV gave their presentation. They spoke as well. In fact I believe it was their representation that swayed the Portland board to reject a ban. are referring to vertical wells which are very different from hydraulic fracturing wells (which people call fracking even though all wells have been fracked) that this article is discussing. I am very familiar with those wells, my husband worked on most of them from here to Seneca Falls.

There are major differences. Just look at pictures of hydraulic wells compared to the wells we have around here. Look at the difference in the amount of water needed in each (60-80 thousand gallons compared to 5- 10 MILLION gallons) The amount of land, the amount of noise generated, etc. Look at all the major differences. This is a relatively NEW type of drilling. NO WELL in our County used this type of drilling.

Asking questions and seeking more information is called being respons

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Mar-06-14 11:15 AM

Unfortunately, the LWV is showing a hostile and closed mind to this subject. Why don't we keep this specific to Chautauqua County? Judeye makes comparisons to areas that have no geologic comparison to the Medina wells that have been drilled and fracked in this area. Rather than having an educated and broad view of all the factors involved including the need for heat and the taxes and revenues these wells have produced for the county and state, the LWV tends to lean toward hysteria. How can these same people that begged to have the NRG plant gas powered,*****the entire oil and gas development process? Totally illogical and poorly thought out. LWV, the train has already left the station. There are hundreds of wells drilled and fracked in this area by reputable operators and they have provided gas for this country's homes and industries for over thirty years. The buried pipelines were designed and have been used as ski trails on the West Overland Reforest area for over 30 yrs.

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Mar-06-14 10:30 AM

Fracking is safe… War is peace… Israel is our friend… the Government is honest… don’t look behind the curtain… everything is fine… just smile and go spend the money you don’t have…

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Mar-06-14 8:52 AM

Judeye didn't they already hear from the LWV? Are you saying the other side doesn't get to give a presentation?

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Mar-06-14 8:18 AM


Reminds me of the testimony before our Congress...sworn testimony by the the tobacco industry that is was COMPLETELY SAFE and had NO health risks.

What do you expect from those who make their money from gas drilling?

As for it having less disruption to the environment and land than vertical drilling...good grief...just google pictures of this type of fracking. Tell me if you want this in your backyard.

By the way, another Gas company person stated at the LWV meeting that the cement does not break down. He cited Rome as evidence (looked it up..cement used in Rome is nothing like the cement we use today) Hello BP oil spill in Gulf. Guess he thought we would not remember it was the CEMENT failure that led to the explosion.

Where are they going to get all the water needed for this type of drilling and what are they going to do with the toxic water when it comes back to the surface? Injection wells? Water treatment?

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Mar-06-14 8:07 AM

The sooner they can frack the sooner this area rebounds! Other wise where will the next school merger be?

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