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956 days ago.
by Captain

New School Budget

it has been reported in Chautauqua Today, that the new school budget is in the area of 41 million plus, with out knowing the out come of NRG, or state aid, what fries us is not one word about reducing it,


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If Dunkirk is lucky enough to receive the same, or more, state aid than it did last year, than that would obviously be very helpful. However, you don't run a multi-million operation w/your fingers crossed. With the district facing a KNOWN $1.5M increase this year (b/c the BOE previously AGREED to CBA pay raises), and with the future of NRG & state aid UNKNOWN, can anyone tell us what steps the BOE took to at least cover the KNOWN $1.5M increase?

Folks, this is why the quality of ED in most districts continues to suffer. The kids receive a poorer education, taxpayers pay more for less, and employees keep pocketing higher earnings.

Posted 956 days ago.


The #1 complaint pertaining to ALL school districts is when budgets are proposed, BOEs dismiss major hikes in labor costs, the ones THEY approved (excluding hikes in health care), by casually referring to them as "contractual obligations," as if to say there's nothing they can do. Their standard response to the budget problems THEY caused: cut courses, cut positions, raise taxes.

Our local BOEs have essentially ruined the quality of ED that was once offered to all students and is now sub-standard. They are now nearing the end of their rope, with respect to the 2% cap and minimum reserve funds left to work with. It's time that meaningful concessions are demanded and imposed. Dunkirk's $41.5M (a $1.5M hike) is NOT even paying for a standard education for a mere 2000 kids, yet the BOE continues to do NOTHING significant to lower costs. Equitable modifications for ALL public ED employees (including admins), and larger class sizes is the only answer.

Posted 956 days ago.

Schools all over the county seem to be oblivious to the reality created by high taxes. If they get a no vote they just hold another election until they get the right count. What will happen when more tax payers leave?

Posted 956 days ago.

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