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708 days ago.
by timetochange

Forestville is dumping its problems on the county.

Wouldn't it be lovely if every city and town could have county taxpayers bail them out of the consequences of their actions? What is good for one is good for all. Start the habit now and soon to he whole county will be in the same position as Forestville, not being able to pay taxes and forced from their homes.


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Just wait until Dunkirk comes a knocking.

Posted 708 days ago.

Yes, Forestville is part of the county. That's the problem. Once the county bails out Forestville it will be only the beginning. How can you do it for one municipality and not another. County taxpayers will be in foreclosure too. When do people start taking responsibility for their actions and face the consequences without dumping on others??

Posted 926 days ago.


Isn't Forestville part of the county ? what happened to all for one and one for all. Now yes maybe Forestville should figure its own way out but what happens when its Dunkirk or Fredonia. We are all aainst hand outs until we're the one in need. When lakeshore hospital shuts down we cry for funds to keep it open . When Conagra closes we're the first to ask for assistance . When Niagara Mohawk closes Please mr coumo help us. We whined about Obama's Auto bailouts but maybe if those jobs were in Dunkrk we would of been more approving of them, since those were other folks jobs we just don't care.

Posted 926 days ago.

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