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1198 days ago.
by Gitch87

People need to stop the crazy behaviors

Well it's happened. The first accident of the summer near my home. A car pulled a u-turn in front of a motorcycle. The motorcyclist I heard was being star flighted out. I'm just surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Lakeshore Drive and Second St. are drag stips a lot of times. People out partying and in a hurry. This year was the first time in 5 years that a major accident didn't happen at the corner of my yard on the 4th of July. We actually moved the living room furniture from the wall in case the house got hit this year. Where is the respect for others lives? Where's the respect for the priviledge to drive. Do those who do this understand they are operating a piece of machinery capable of killing someone? I've seen people at the corner of Rtes. 60 and 20 make right hand turns in front of a semi making a legal turn.......What the heck are they thinking? For everyone's safety something has to start changing soon.


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It seems that when there is a motorcycle accident the first thing you hear how dangerous they are! Have been riding many times when a car is riding are fender, pulling out in front of us or they are texting heading right toward us with eyes looking down!! Stay home if you can't keep eyes and mind on the road!

Posted 1198 days ago.

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