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piggyback races 1962

Do you remember?

Submitted Photo Pictured are participants in a piggyback race at a Dunkirk playground in 1962. At right is Recreation Director Don Rozumalski.

OBSERVER Photos by Marilyn Kurzawa
Above: Myra Pinker stands at the sign designating the first hole at Rose Brook Golf Course.  At each hole there is a sign donated by an individual or a business. This one is dedicated to her parents, who were influential in her decision to buy the golf course. Right: Joey Miller uses a weed wacker to help keep Rose Brook looking good.

New careers lead to owning golf course

of retirement as a time to kick back, relax, try out some new hobbies or continue ones that have been underway for years. Most people do not think of retirement from a life-long career as a time to buy a golf course and start a whole new business, as did Gary Cerne, long-time superintendent of ...

Making the healthy choice

By THE CHAUTAUQUA HEALTH ACTION TEAM Imagine this scenario: You walk into the safety awards celebration at work. You say hi to a few friends, and then glance toward the spread on the conference room table. Your mouth starts to water when you see the chips with Bison Dip, chicken wing dip, and ...

Submitted Photos
Pictured above members of a World War II flight crew. Norbert Karcher is seen second from the left in the front row. He died from wounds suffered during his second mission. Pictured below are John and Ambrose Karcher, during World War I. Top left is John Karcher’s military discharge form. Below left is an envelope and letter that were part of correspondence sent during World War I.

One family’s connection to world wars

Memorial Day (first known as Decoration Day) is almost upon us. Beginning after the Civil War, those who died during that conflict in the Union were honored. (The South honored Confederate dead on a different day but also decorated the graves of their soldiers.) After World War I, the day was ...

OBSERVER Photos by Nicole Gugino
Top: Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas (right) swears in (from left) eighth-grade essay contest winners Cam’ron DeJesus, Anthony Morales and Justus Bowen as Supertintendent Dr. James Tracy looks on. Above: Dunkirk eighth graders Cam’ron DeJesus (left) and Anthony Morales (center) sit between First Ward Councilman Don Williams, Third Ward Councilman Adelino Gonzalez and Fourth Ward Councilwoman Stacy Szukala as they served as honorary council members at the recent Common Council meeting. Below: Dunkirk eighth grader Justus Bowen (center) sits between Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas and Attorney Sean Connolly as he served as honorary mayor at the recent Common Council meeting.

If I were mayor, I would …

During the May 16 Dunkirk Common Council three new members were welcomed to city government. Winners of the “If I Were Mayor, I Would …” essay contest were made honorary dignitaries and sworn in by Mayor Willfred Rosas. The City of Dunkirk sponsored the NYCOM (New York Conference of ...

Dr. Rebekah Frost

Veterinary spinal manipulative therapy — animal chiropractic

Many people see a chiropractor when experiencing back pain, headaches or even when they want to maintain general wellness. However, have you considered that your pet could benefit from spinal adjustments as well? During my studies, I began to wonder; if my spinal health and general well-being ...

OBSERVER Photos by Marilyn Kurzawa
Above: Moms Group members meet twice monthly to discuss their concerns at the First United Methodist Church in Fredonia. Pictured at top from left as they are getting ready to leave are: Rebecca and Myra Rose Joy; Lindsey and Hudson Parker and Liam Barnes and his mom; Caleb Brautigam with his backpack.

Moms Group making a difference

By MARILYN KURZAWA OBSERVER Lifestyles Contributor “Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure of what the right thing is….and to forgive yourself, over and ...

bikers pic

Wednesdays with Amy: Let the ride begin

This is part three of a three-part series. By RICH GOODMAN and AMY PING Special to the OBSERVER The chosen venue for our first real ride was a lake front bike path that offered spectacular views of the harbor and almost always blessed cyclists and joggers with warm, gentle ...

Sheridan land donation

Do you remember?

Submitted Photo In this May 18, 1977 photo, City of Dunkirk Mayor Gilbert Snyder signs a document to turn over 27 acres of city airport property to the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency. The property is for the new Ferranti-Packard electric transformer plant. Watching the ...

stroke 3 brain

Spot a stroke ‘F.A.S.T.’

By THE CHAUTAUQUA HEALTH ACTION TEAM Stroke is currently the third leading cause of death with more than 140,000 people dying from stroke in the United States. On average someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. A stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the ...

bikers pic

Wednesdays with Amy: Let the ride begin

This is part two of a three-part series. By RICH GOODMAN and AMY PING Special to the OBSERVER So it should be mentioned that while Amy’s tandem was being brought back to life, there was a lot that needed to be done, such as learning the techniques needed for tandem riding. ...

1977 slo pitch beach house

Do you remember?

Submitted Photo Pictured are members of the Beach House “Green Machine” that played in the first year of Dunkirk Recreation slo-pitch softball in 1977. Front row from left: Jim Szukala, Jim Myers, Lou Myers, John Davis, John Randazzo and Joe Repasch. Back row: Al Szopinski, Russ DeLong, ...

OBSERVER Photo by Damian Sebouhian Students, teachers, and parents parade through the BOCES LoGuidice Center building celebrating Autism awareness.

Bringing out the best in students takes a team

By DAMIAN SEBOUHIAN OBSERVER Correspondent “I love my job,” said Maureen Bialaszewski, special education teacher at the BOCES LoGuidice Center in Fredonia. “I’ve been teaching for 37 years, and every day is different. You go home exhausted, but you go home feeling ...

bikers pic

Wednesdays with Amy: Let the ride begin

By RICH GOODMAN and AMY PING Special to the OBSERVER One day in the spring of 2016, a young lady named Amy happened to remember a blue Schwinn “bicycle built for two,” which she recalled riding on warm summer days with her mother and father at their home in a small town in ...

Submitted Photo
Pictured are the 1984 Dunkirk Little League officers. Front row from left: Jim Stearns, Chester “Tosco” Gliwa, Ed “Cherry” Wisniewski and Frank Iskra. Back row: Bob Uszacki, Jack Peterson, Jim Ellman and Bill Fitzer.

Do you remember?

Submitted Photo Pictured are the 1984 Dunkirk Little League officers. Front row from left: Jim Stearns, Chester “Tosco” Gliwa, Ed “Cherry” Wisniewski and Frank Iskra. Back row: Bob Uszacki, Jack Peterson, Jim Ellman and Bill Fitzer.

Although Audrey’s main office was first located at the chapel and later at the gate house pictured here, both she and Michaelene were on call 24 hours a day from their homes for more than 30 years each.

No longer plotting along

Grieving families in our community often have very little time to locate a final resting place for their lost loved ones. However, for several decades, families in the midst of that struggle were fortunate to have two dignified ladies to ease the interment process at the Town of Pomfret’s ...

Submitted Photos
Northern Chautauqua Catholic School students are pictured working on math challenges with the help of future math teachers from SUNY Fredonia.

Future math teachers challenge NCCS students

Special to the OBSERVER Future math teachers from SUNY Fredonia recently filled the gymnasium at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School with various intriguing, exciting, and brightly colored math games and challenges, inviting elementary students to participate in fun ways to develop problem ...

Submitted Photo
Above: Precious, a 10-year-old lab mix who was recently adopted from the Lakeshore Humane Society, poses with the Easter Bunny (Rich Carpenter) at the shelter’s recent “Picture your pet with the Easter Bunny” fundraiser. LHS would like to thank everyone who attends events, donates items and money, and volunteers at the shelter and annual fundraisers.

Dogs, cats, community: LHS thanks supporters

By REBECCA CUTHBERT OBSERVER Staff Writer Anyone who has visited a Lakeshore Humane Society Adoption Day in Dunkirk knows that inside those doors, happy, hectic, and heartwarming activity happens all at once. Visitors can also see that as busy as the volunteers are, there’s no way they ...

Dr. Rebekah Frost

For Pet’s Sake

Happy Easter from the Dunkirk Animal Clinic! Our Easter traditions on this day include dressing up in our finest to attend an Easter Sunday church service, Easter egg hunting, and ham dinner with family to follow. Many people travel for vacation or to visit relatives. On this holiday weekend, ...

OBSERVER Photo by Vicki Notaro
Standing next to the Boy Scout Law characteristics are four of the people most involved in the “Do a Good Turn Daily Challenge,” left to right: Scout Justin Powell, resident Virginia Nedvesky, Training Coordinator Heidi Powell, and Scout Jacob Thompson.

Scouts live slogan and “Do a Good Turn Daily”

By VICKI NOTARO OBSERVER Lifestyles Assistant Step into the shoes of a local lady. It’s autumn. You and your husband hope to celebrate your 64th wedding anniversary November 29, but his health is declining. It looks as though a long, cold, lonely winter lies ahead. Your children live out ...