RENTALS: Decisions may impact tourism


Vacation rentals have been a hot topic across Chautauqua County municipalities. Within the last month, the Dunkirk Town Board, Sheridan Town Board and Lakewood Village Board have had to address the issue. For the most part, our region appears to have a reluctance — especially by the lakes ...

Deer numbers are on rise

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: Fredonia has too many deer! The only thing to do is for the trustees to let the hunters kill them with bow and arrows. On Woodward Drive and Woodcrest Drive there are 20 to 25 deer every day. They walk the streets, destroy bushes and eat flowers that come up every year. ...

Mental health acceptance becoming a norm


As we move into new seasons, we are given opportunities for new perspectives. Shifting our perspectives can sometimes be a challenge. Shifting takes conscious work; you shift perspective by thinking or doing something differently to change yourself, your situation or others. To create a strong ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 New York State’s Lakeview Correctional Facility near Brocton has become coed. Sixty-eight women have been transferred to the facility from the Summit Shock Facility in Schoharie County. The women have been admitted to the same program and under the same conditions ...

Open meeting ‘abuse’ comes with no penalties

Editor's corner

Prior to Wednesday night’s Chautauqua County Legislature meeting, elected Republicans and Democrats went their separate ways to gather in a closed session to discuss whatever they wanted. For the record, both parties were doing nothing illegal. Political caucusing is allowed under the New ...

CLIMATE No simple science on global changes


Proving once again that the science on pollution and climate change is never as tidy as either side hopes we will believe, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released the results of a study that says changes in regionalized air pollution are affecting storm ...