Water failings need discussion


There appears to be some verbal turbulence between the village of Brocton and the North County Water District that surfaced at a recent Village Board meeting. The discussion came after trustees and the mayor began to discuss water line leaks and breaks. As Mayor Art Miller tells it, much of ...

Making waves over Chautauqua Pops


While the controversy has apparently been settled, I still found the recent story about the problems of the Chautauqua Lake Pops Concert Series intriguing because it combined many elements of a good story. As the story goes, four individuals filed a lawsuit against the promoters of the ...

Navigating life in the decaf lane


It’s been many years since I’ve written about coffee – years since my doctor at the time said, “No more. You’re done with caffeine.” He might as well have shot me. He took away my daily infusion for energy, clear thinking and well-being. I needed it every morning. I loved it, ...

New York State: Keeping lid on community meetings


Last week, members of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration held four community meetings focusing on gun violence. Chances are no one in those communities knew anything about them — because they were closed to the press. How counterproductive is that? One would think Hempstead, Middletown, ...

Flood young children with language


CHAUTAUQUA – When this columnist was a newspaper reporter, he did a 22-part series letting teachers of all sorts share their thoughts on, and approaches to, the profession. It was fun just to let teachers open up. In their own ways, they all did. A local reading teacher advised reading to ...

Transparency Small change has a big impact


Tucked into a resolution for Wednesday’s Chautauqua County Legislature meeting is a two-word change that drastically decreases the legislature’s transparency with the public. Currently, the legislature and its committees post verbatim minutes of meetings — except for presentations — ...