COUNTY Lax oversight led to less control


We understand why county Legislator Susan Parker, D-Fredonia, wanted to modify a proposed change to the way the county’s occupancy tax is distributed. Ultimately, though, her fellow legislators’ history undermined her argument. Parker raised concerns last week that the change written ...

Crafting offers mental health boost


On most Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. at the Fifth Street Care Coordination location in Jamestown, you will find a peer group going on. This group started several years ago with a two-year break during COVID-19. My name is Nichole Johnson, and I am a care coordinator that leads the group. The ...



Thirty years ago — 1993 The Dunkirk Rotary Club collected and packaged more than 2,000 old and readyto- be-discarded learning English grade school texts and workbooks to be sent to Albania. The books came from Dunkirk High. The need for educational equipment is strong in the small European ...

Memorial Day Paying tribute for the sacrifices


Today is Memorial Day, a day that has different meanings to different people. For some, it’s just a day off from work or school that gives us a three-day weekend. For some, it’s an excuse to fire up the barbecue for the first time or spend time with family and friends. And while ...

People’s column

Peoples column

Constituent ‘embarrassed’ by county action Editor, OBSERVER: I am embarrassed and ashamed of the actions of County Executive PJ Wendel and the Legislature. The exception being Legislator Tom Nelson, who apparently paid attention in History class. As a child, I remember ...

How to support a teen’s mental health


If you could be a teenager today, would you do it? Being a teenager in 2023 might be one of the most challenging generations to be a teen in. Think about it — living in the times of post COVID and virtual learning, social media and what is “trending,” and having such easy access to ...