Dunkirk Boilers partners with dog sled team

Submitted Photos Pictured are Kristy and Anna Berington of Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing, which is being sponsored by Dunkirk Boilers. They came in 40th and 41st place after more than 10 days in the 1,000-mile race from Fairfax to Nome, Alaska.

Dunkirk Boilers was proud to sponsor Kristy and Anna Berington of Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing as they participated in the 2017 Iditarod, The Last Great Race.

The Ceremonial Start ran out of downtown Anchorage on March 4, but mushers then drove the 350 miles or so with their teams and gear up to Fairbanks for a re-start March 6.

The race is approximately 1,000 miles long, stretching from Anchorage to Nome. This was Kristy’s eighth appearance in the Iditarod and Anna’s sixth. It was the first sponsorship of its kind for Dunkirk Boilers.

“The Seeing Double Dog Sled Team provided Dunkirk with a great platform for exposure and increasing brand awareness,” stated Dave Walsh, director of Sales at ECR International. “We share customers and this provides us with an ability to reach them and associate Dunkirk with the Alaskan community with a brand in the Dog Sled sport that is popular and recognizable at a very organic level. We are looking forward to capitalizing on this opportunity.”

Dunkirk Boilers kept up with their progress on its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DunkirkBoilers. Kristy and Anna finished on Thursday in 40th and 41st place after 10 days, two hours and 30 minutes.

About Seeing Double Dog Sled Racing

Anna and Kristy Berington are the dynamic identical twin mushing duo from Knik, Alaska. Sled dog racing is their passion. For more information on the Seeing Double Dog Sled Team, visit: www.seeingdoublesleddogracing.com

About ECR


ECR International, with headquarters in Utica, N.Y., is a manufacturing company that provides heating and cooling products under a family of brand names, including Dunkirk, Utica Boilers, Olsen, Airco, Pennco, RetroAire, Argo and EMI. The company markets its products in the US and Canada. ECR has a rich history, going back nearly 90 years. In 1928, Earle C. Reed founded two companies: Dunkirk Radiator and Utica Radiator. The companies merged in 1999 as ECR International, taking the founder’s initials as its company name.