Crash claims one life

One dead, four injured in I-90 accident

OBSERVER Photo by Jimmy McCarthy A three-vehicle accident on the I-90 eastbound Tuesday night led to one fatality and four injuries.

PORTLAND — A crash on Interstate 90 in the town of Portland left one dead and four injured Tuesday evening, according to a fire official.

The incident involving two vehicles and one oil tanker occurred on I-90 eastbound near the Matthews Road overpass. The semi and one vehicle were located off the left shoulder and a Jeep was located off the right shoulder.

Multiple fire agencies responded to the scene to transport the injured while an investigation team from New York State Police spent the night investigating what happened. No specifics were released before press time.

A fire official at the scene said the four who were transported to the hospital didn’t appear to have serious injuries. The tanker containing diesel fuel wasn’t breached in the crash.

Eastbound traffic was let through the scene for a period of time during the evening before the state Thruway Authority diverted traffic to the Westfield exit.

The Westfield and Ripley fire departments and Chautauqua County Emergency Services were on scene with New York State Police.