Gowanda awarded for computer science program

At the Principal’s Summit at SUNY Buffalo State, Gowanda High School received one of the “Accomplished School” awards for its computer science programs. The school offers computer programming and programming concepts. In the picture are, from left, Sarbani Banerjee, Ph.D., from Buffalo State’s computer information systems; Jim Reeves, Gowanda teacher of computer science; and Neal Mazur, Ph.D., from Buffalo State’s computer information systems.

BUFFALO — The Gowanda Central School District is receiving an award for its work in giving Gowanda students education in the computer science field. Teacher and Jamestown Community College professor Jim Reeves was in attendance at Buffalo State College for the award on April 10 as he spearheaded the district’s program.

“I am proud of Jim and the program he helped build at Gowanda,” Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Anderson said. “The computer science program, is quote unquote, an elective that is offered at Gowanda, but it reaches the needs at our school.”

Anderson noted that the program is offered only at a few schools in all of Western New York. The importance of coding has been noticeable within the district.

In recent meetings for the board of education, coding looks to be a future addition, but currently, there is no plans for more courses.

“In terms of coding, the whole world around us is done in code,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the district may look into feeder courses for the middle school and high school, however, there is no commitment right now and it is upon the board’s approval to accept any curriculum additions.

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