Liberal way of thinking is lunacy

Let’s continue discussing this Liberal way of thinking. I just hope that it isn’t too late to bring this country back to the way this country should be. Common sense: love this country, love this way of life, defend our way of life.

Always remember what our forefathers had said when they entered this country. They said coming to this country is a privilege and not a right. It’s too bad that the illegals have entered this country and refuse to obtain the privilege of being a citizen of this country.

So why do the Democrats and their supporters continue to try to protect these illegal aliens who refuse to obtain citizenship? Why doesn’t the Democratic party try to assist them to obtain that citizenship, but instead protects them in sanctuary cities paid for by the United States taxpayers, who are fed up with this way of thinking?

This country is fed up with those politicians who make excuses for these illegals. Now the ultra left radical Liberals want a bridge across our borders to allow all those illegals to enter, even if their intentions are not for the betterment of this country. I hope and pray the Liberal brainless individuals are not attacked by these no good terrorists.

The ultra Liberal news media refer to President Trump as Mr. Trump, not respecting his position as our president. There as some Democrats that make remarks that President Trump cannot speak fluently like Obama. Big difference – Obama did nothing but talk. President Trump in the few weeks he has been in office and even before that has done more for this country than Obama did in the last eight years. People don’t want to admit that, especially the ultra Liberals.

My big question of the day is why did the Democrats in Washington allow the illegals to accept the same privileges such as welfare, drivers’ licenses? Who the hell is responsible for this lunacy?

God bless America and hopefully things will get better.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident